Madden 23 Trailer: Reveal Coming SOON - Release Date, Gameplay, & Cover Athlete

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The first Madden 23 trailer finally has a set release date, and it's sooner than many would have thought!

Here's everything we know about the upcoming reveal trailer, as well as the newly announced cover star.

LATEST: Madden 23 Reveal Trailer Coming Soon

EA just shook the Madden world up by revealing the Madden 23 cover star and all three of the game's covers! They took it a step further after, however, by announcing that the Madden 23 reveal trailer would come just 24 hours after these announcements.

That means we'll see our first look at Madden 23 gameplay in the reveal trailer at 10am EST on Thursday, June 2nd.

You can catch the trailer right when it premieres live below!

What's Coming in the First Madden 23 Trailer?

We aren't far away from August, which means we're not far from the release date of Madden 23. First, we'll see the Madden 23 reveal trailer.

Within the trailer, we'll likely get a look at the game's release date following up on the latest cover star reveal.

To see what you can expect from the first Madden 23 trailer, check out the Madden 22 reveal below:

Once the Madden 23 trailer is finally revealed, we'll put that up for you. Aside from a reveal trailer, we can also look forward to the Madden 23 beta.

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Madden 23 Release Date

Something that we've been able to pay close attention to is the former releases of Madden 23. Last year, Madden 22 was released on August 17, 2021.

Taking that into account, we believe that Madden 23 will release on Friday, August 19, 2022. This means we'll see a Madden 23 trailer long before that.

Madden 23 trailer
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As we've mentioned above, there is an upcoming beta for Madden 23. Within it, we'll likely get a look at a few of the top changes in the game.

An area we're hoping to see a first look into is Madden 23 Ultimate Team or MUT 23.

Madden 23 Game Modes

Ultimate Team is always a focal point of Madden and we expect no different from Madden 23. This is an area where most players will spend their time.

In terms of cards, we've received our final Madden 22 Wild Card Wednesday drop which revealed more Rising Stars cards.

Madden 23 trailer
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CONTENT SCHEDULE: Get ready for even more action in Madden 23

Another game mode that we hope receives a massive upgrade is Franchise Mode as EA continues to work toward player expectations set after the "#FixMaddenFranchise" trend.

How to sign up for the Madden 23 beta

We're not far away from the release of the Madden 23 beta. However, we believe, based on a recent leak, that it will be next-gen exclusive.

This means, only PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players will be able to participate. Keep in mind that this hasn't yet been confirmed.

Once the official EA Madden Twitter announces the beta, we'll put sign up details below.

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