Madden 23 cover reveal honors John Madden with three unique covers

The voice of a generation returns as the Madden 23 cover has now been revealed to feature none other than John Madden himself.

We've got all three variations of the new Madden 23 cover so you can see how they're paying homage to the legendary John Madden.

Madden 23 cover revealed, John Madden gets multiple editions

The football and gaming worlds were rocked in December 2021 when John Madden passed away, but his legacy continues as the new Madden 23 cover star.

While he was the face of the franchise when things first began, we haven't seen John Madden on the cover in more than a decade.

After being on the cover of John Madden Football in 1988 and every cover through Madden 2000, we didn't see him again until John Madden graced the Hall of Fame Edition of Madden 07.

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Madden 23 cover John Madden covers variants
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BOOM: Check out all three unique Madden 23 covers featuring John Madden

EA has now revealed the three covers seen above, and they each highlight different eras in John Madden's unforgettable career.

The far left cover highlights his time as the Super Bowl winning head coach of the Oakland Raiders, and the middle cover shows his time as a broadcaster in a shot reminiscent of many covers in the late 90s.

On the right, this All Madden Edition cover is a variation on the original John Madden Football cover featuring the man himself.

We've got more reveals on the way as the official reveal trailer is now less than 24 hours away, and more Madden 23 details are sure to follow.

Voice of John Madden will return in Madden 23

So far, the biggest news we have is the cover reveals themselves, but EA did drop a few exciting details about how John Madden will factor into this year's game.

They'll be bringing back the unforgettable voice of John Madden with remastered audio clips in-game that will pay homage to his days as a broadcaster.

We don't yet know how extensive this will be or how much of the commentary he'll replace, but it's always great to hear John Madden when playing Madden.

In addition, EA revealed that the first interactive experience when Madden 23 launches will feature two versions of Coach Madden leading opposing "All Madden" teams squaring off in the 1970s Oakland Coliseum.

We should learn more in the coming days and week, but there's no doubt the pressure is on for Madden 23 to deliver with the man himself center stage.

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