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Madden 22 Patch Notes: September Title Update will target bug and glitch fixes

Madden 22 has only been out for a few weeks, but there have already been a flurry of problems that players hope to see fixed with a Title Update and Patch Notes.

We've got details on how to remedy some of the issues many are facing, as well as when we're expecting to see Madden 22 Patch Notes for the first big Title Update.

Latest - September Title Update Patch Notes

We've finally got the September Title Update for Madden 22 and Patch Notes!

This is a major step in remedying a lot of huge issues affecting players across various modes in Madden 22, and the Patch Notes reflect the sheer mass of what's being fixed.

The same is true of the download size, as it has now gone live on next gen and is a full 12.6gb on Xbox Series X|S, with similar size expected on other platforms.

Madden 22 september title update
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IT'S TIME: Madden 22 is FINALLY getting some huge issues resolved

Perhaps the most highly anticipated fix is particular to Franchise Mode, so many will be happy with this detail:

  • Addressed an issue where some offline franchise players were given an incorrect game result after completing a game

You can find full Patch Notes here to see all of the bugs they've tackled.

Every Madden 22 Title Update for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S

Madden 22 first became available via the EA Play Trial on August 12 before hitting Early Access on August 17 and launching worldwide on August 20.

Since those launch windows, we've already seen as many as five different updates go live across various platforms.

The patch notes detailed below have been pulled from within the game itself, as there is a Patch Updates section under the Notificiations on your Madden Profile.

Madden 22 Patch Notes Updates
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PATCH NOTES: You can find update details in-game for Madden 22

The numbering system has been inconsistent, with some platforms still showing Update Version 1.02 as most recent and others up to Version

EA Sports could be delivering them in bundles or with a different frequency across different platforms, but none of these have been given a full Gridiron Notes just yet.

Without further ado, here are the Madden 22 patch notes for every live update:

Patch Notes for Version 1.01

The release date and download size for this update are not known.

  • Made visual updates to uniform and field issues in Franchise
  • Applied various bug fixes to Franchise
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

Patch Notes for Version 1.02

The release date and download size for this update are not known.

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes applied to Face of the Franchise
  • Implemented a fix for an uncommon Ultimate Team crash
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Patch Notes for Version 1.03

The release date and download size for this update are not known.

  • Addressed issues related to excessive 'False Start' griefing
  • New commentary content added, along with tuning fixes
  • Visual updates made to multiple uniforms, helmets, and accessories
  • Gameplay fixes applied to:
    • Coverage issues
    • General stability
  • And more!

Patch Notes for Version 1.04

The release date and download size for this update are not known.

  • Added new abilities to core Madden, Franchise, and Ultimate Team
  • Addressed issues related to excessive 'Fale Start' griefing
  • Updated helmet and chinstrap placement for high-profile players
  • Changed the QB Slide mechanic for clarity:
    • Double tap to QB Slide anywhere on the field
    • Single Press to Dive with your QB anywhere on the field

We want to note that this specific change may have been made only to PC, as we've seen the double tap to QB Slide listed for PC controls.

As of now, on console the QB Slide still works with a single button press, but you have to be sure your QB is past the line of scrimmage or the button press will instead attempt to throw a pass.

Patch Notes for Version 1.05

This most recent update appears to have gone live around August 17, and the download size of approximately 1.4 GB can vary between platforms.

  • Improvements made to Pass Rush
  • Improvements and balance fixes applied to Throw Out of Sack
  • Other gameplay updates made to:
    • Defensive Coverage
    • Tackling
    • Blocking
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

If you're struggling in any way on defense, check out our guide to defensive coverage including detailed controls and tips.

Known Bugs & Glitches, Potential Workarounds

While these should be remedied now by the Madden 22 September Title Update, we want to keep details about known bugs and workarounds here in case players still bump into them.

Franchise Mode Final Score Loss Glitch

If you're struggling with the Franchise Mode glitch that changes final scores and forces a loss, you're far from the only one.

We've got full details on how to deal with that here, as well as how to tackle desync when playing others online in Franchise.

Face of the Franchise Bug

There are also a handful of issues affecting Face of the Franchise, particularly a slow-motion bug that seems to hit running backs most often.

We've also got details about names being force changed to John Madden, some potential workarounds, and the word from EA about the issue.

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