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The Yard will make a celebrated return in Madden 22

Madden 22 is gearing up for release in just over one month, and The Yard is going to be back in a big way this year.

The unique backyard game mode was a fan favorite in Madden 21, and here's everything we know so far about The Yard in Madden 22.

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Latest - Beta Review including The Yard

While the Community Playtest (Closed Beta) for Madden 22 has now come to an end, we were part of the select few who got to test an unfinished build of the game.

After the first week of the beta, The Yard and Superstar KO were added, allowing us to get some early glimpses at how it will feel this year.

The biggest change has got to be the unified progression with Face of the Franchise, but with that game mode missing from the beta, we'll have to wait for the full release to test that out.

You can read our full and final beta review here with first impressions on many new features.

Madden 22 Reveal Trailer

Madden 22 has now been made official, and the announced return came with the official reveal trailer featuring actual gameplay footage.


It's the first real look players have gotten at what they can expect from Madden 22 this year, but the anticipation is just beginning to build.

Next gen definitely won out when it comes to new features, which we have more details on here.

The Yard will return in Madden 22


Madden 22 has finally been announced, and we now know that The Yard will be returning in this year's installment.

The unique six vs. six backyard football experience got rave reviews when Madden 21 was released, and it looks to be a staple of the series moving forward.

While details are still a bit scarce, we know that The Yard is getting a new challenge-based solo campaign in Madden 22.

Madden 22 The Yard
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ISLAND OF MISFIT TOYS: Madden 22 will bring back The Yard

On top of that, they're adding new fields "located on gorgeous beaches and beautiful mountain landscapes across the world," as well as new boss characters to take on.


The Yard will also get a ranked mode for the first time, cranking up the competition between The Yard players and allowing players to test their skills against each other and win rewards.

Perhaps the biggest change to The Yard is a new unified progression system that will actually link to Face of the Franchise: United We Rise to allow all progress, rewards, and gear to be shared between the two game modes.

The Yard is due to be part of the second week of the Closed Beta, and we'll update our in progress review of the beta with more information about The Yard once it's available.

Rules, Positions, and Events

One big question bout The Yard in Madden 22 would be how much of it ends up structured like Madden 21.

Last year, we saw unique rules play a major role in the backyard mode and they helped make it feel truly unique compared to a regular game.

Madden 22 The Yard
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PICK YOUR POSITION: The Yard had you on both sides of the ball in Madden 21

On top of that, things got interesting with positions as your player would actually play both a defensive and offensive position.

Events are also likely to make a return, as Madden 22 is likely to continue the commitment by EA Sports to new content after the game has launched.

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