Madden 22 Franchise Mode: Every new feature at launch

Madden 22 has finally been announced, and fans are eager to see what they're doing this year to improve Franchise Mode.

We got an early look at what's coming this year, and there are several new features in the works for Franchise Mode at launch and post launch.

Madden 22 adds three new features at launch to Franchise Mode

The #FixMaddenFranchise movement took hold enough for EA Sports to acknowledge it going into Madden 21, but Madden 22 will be their biggest test yet.

As of now, we know of three new features coming to Franchise Mode at launch in Madden 22.

Staff Management returns with offensive and defensive coordinators, and it's got a new RPG-style skill and talent tree with goals to earn Staff Points and upgrade your coaching staff.

Madden 22 Franchise Mode new features staff management weekly strategy live service updates
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FIRST LOOK: The trailer gave us a glimpse of what's coming

Weekly Strategy becomes a new focus, with the ability to adjust gameplans in a more detailed way, focus your strategy based on your opponent, and carefully monitor Player Health throughout the season.

Finally, Franchise Mode is getting an all-new season engine with additional scenarios to keep things different, and one piece of that will be press conferences with a few dialogue options to choose from during them.

Staff Management brings back offensive and defensive coordinators

First, let's take a closer look at Staff Management, which has existed in some form before in previous years and makes an exciting return in Madden 22.

In Franchise Mode, you'll be able to hire and improve your Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and Defensive Coordinator from a pool of talented options.

There will also be a generalized Player Personnel department for each team that operates as a fourth piece of Staff Management.

Madden 22 introduces a new RPG-style Talent Tree, and we've spotted talents like "Secret Remedy" for your Head Coach which when unlocked increases XP gains for Free Safety and Strong Safety players by 20%.

Offensive Coordinators can snag new talents like "Pliability," which increases the Injury Rating for all offensive players, and the Player Personnel department can unlock things like "Mentors Wanted" which gives a trade discount on older players.

Weekly Strategy takes the playbook up a notch

In the past, your gameplan tended to be more generalized and much of the variation would hinge on which playbook your team is using, but strategy was a focus in these Franchise Mode improvements.

You'll be able to make specific gameplan adjustments, such as choosing "Contain QB Scramble" to offset a top threat opponent using choosing "Blitz Prep" as an offensive gameplan to be ready against a team that blitzes more often.

Madden 22 Franchise Mode new features staff management weekly strategy live service updates
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ALL ABOUT THE PLAN: There's more strategy than ever this year

Halftime Adjustments will also be new to the game to allow gameplan changes at halftime based on how your opponent is playing, and that will be available all across Madden 22 rather than just in Franchise Mode.

You'll also have more responsibility to manage Player Health on a weekly basis, which includes deciding on practice intensity and how many reps to give starters in order to preserve their health for gameday.

Franchise Mode gets a new season engine

Finally, we know that Franchise Mode is getting a completely new season engine which should introduce new scenarios during both the regular season and off season.

The goal will be to keep things fresh throughout Franchise Mode, and ramp up the risks and rewards as you make decisions for your team.

Press Conferences are definitely returning as one piece of that puzzle, but we're still waiting to hear more about the various scenarios and ways Madden 22 is going to crank up Franchise Mode.

Some of that should arrive in the coming weeks as we approach the launch of Madden 22 and get deeper dives by EA Sports into the ways this game will be different, but that could also mean waiting until after launch.

Scouting upgrades coming post launch

One of the most exciting pieces being added to Madden 22 Franchise Mode, and one that's long been requested by fans, is a new scouting system.

We know this will include interactions with players and your scouts, adjustments to scouting assignments in different regions of the US, mock drafts, and more.

Unfortunately, these scouting additions will not be available in Madden 22 when the title is released on August 20, 2021.

Madden 22 Franchise Mode new features staff management weekly strategy live service updates
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MORE TO COME: Some exciting new features are in the works, but fans will have to wait

Instead, EA Sports has promised these in the first Franchise Mode Update scheduled for September, and there could be more to come with trade logic upgrades as well.

It's a bit disappointing that the additions won't be in the game when it's released, and EA Sports will have to be careful not to lean too heavily on "post launch" and "Live Service Updates" when asked about new features.

That said, it is still undeniably exciting to see this new scouting engine land in Madden 22, so hopefully that planned update happens on schedule or early.

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