*UPDATED* Madden 21 Face of the Franchise: No developer stream, High School, College, Storylines, Franchise Mode updates, & more

We've gotten plenty of insight into Madden 21 thanks to Gridiron Notes and developer streams as we approach release.

But the second developer stream that we expected to give insight on Franchise Mode changes and the returning game mode Face of the Franchise hasn't come.

Huge depth to Face of the Franchise

It's safe to say EA is focusing in on Face of the Franchise this year.

With a sub-heading "Rise to Fame", the game mode will start with your character in High School before progressing through College and into the NFL.

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HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: Starting small, your journey can go all the way to the Hall of Fame

From National Signing Day to the College Football Playoffs, Combine, and Draft, there will be plenty of opportunities to make your story unique.

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We'll stop there so as not to spoil the journey.

For more info and several spoilers you can head to the Gridiron Notes here.

Star faces

There will be a few familiar faces on your journey though.

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Not only will NFL personality Rich Eisen feature in Face of the Franchise, but Snoop Dogg will also appear!

Story continues into the NFL

Getting to the NFL isn't the end of your story.

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PICK ME: Where will you go in the Draft?

There are expanded and varied storylines that keep going throughout your NFL career!

What about Franchise Mode?

While the Gridiron Notes are extensive when it comes to Face of the Franchise, they are pretty slim for pure Franchise Mode.

There will be some changes, with things like the expanded Wild Card round included and rookie contracts being more authentic.

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Dev Traits and Abilities are also being retuned, while offensive linemen are getting some more specific progressions to help differentiate tackles, guards, and centers.

That's about it though. And for fans hoping for more in the scheduled developer's stream on Franchise Mode, tough luck, as the stream never started.

No Franchise Mode developer stream?

Despite releasing new Gridiron Notes on the changes for Face of the Franchise and Franchise Mode in Madden 21, we received no developer's stream to give insight.

This could be in connection with the particularly light changes to Franchise Mode, and community backlash as a result.

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