Madden 21 Developer Stream: Closed beta, gameplay features, audibles, run defense, abilities, blocker memory, Gridiron Notes & more

EA Play didn't quite bring what we were hoping for from Madden 21.

But we've gotten plenty of huge reveals since.

In tonight's developer deep dive stream, we learned even more about Madden 21!

Closed Beta coming soon!

The stream has officially announced a closed beta for Madden 21!

While initial plans were for it to begin today, it has been pushed back, but is expected in the next couple weeks.

Better run defense

The stream has officially started! Our first look into gameplay is on running defense. In an effort to combat what many call the running meta, the developer deep dive has revealed that edge defenders are being improved.

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THE TRENCHES: Better defensive performance on the edges will help limit the powerful running game in Madden 21

Things like more efficient wide attacks will help edge defenders contain the run game, which will force players to vary things up on offense.

Balancing audibles

Because players would sometimes spam audibles on offense to get an advantageous moment against defenses, audible changes are coming.

These changes include a higher chance of triggering a false start after the 2nd called audible in a row. This will better simulate the confusion a line would go through across so many audibles.

Audibles will now take into account specific players. You can look at the new audible system below!

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PLAN OF ATTACK: How will you move around your most dangerous stars?

These changes will add a lot of depth and counterplay to audibles in Madden 21.

Coaching adjustments

We've all felt it before. Your opponent finds a certain route that just butchers any defensive package you bring to the table.

The traditional response is to take over a safety or corner and try to cut the route off, but that might no longer be necessary.

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COUNTERACT: Coaching adjustments will allow you to customize your zone drops to take away effective routes from your opponent

With enhanced coaching adjustments, players can set their zone drops to better counter specific plays from the opponent.


So far we have seen very little gameplay from Madden 21.

The trailer gave us one tiny tease, but that's it.

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LOOKING GOOD: The promo shots have looked amazing, but will the game deliver?

The stream showed some screenshots of the new features detailed in the trailer, but we didn't get any real game footage.

Franchise Mode is next on the list

The neglected younger brother to Madden's Ultimate Team, Franchise Mode is in desperate need of an overhaul.

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WHAT YEAR IS THIS: This M19 screenshot could be from M20 or M17

While we didn't get any news in the developer's deep dive, the subsequent Gridiron Notes states that we'll receive information on Franchise Mode on 30 June.

Live now!

The deep dive is now live on Madden's Twitch channel!

Madden 21 developer deep dive stream
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GAMEPLAY: But what aspects will be on show?

Stay tuned with us here at RealSport as we cover all the biggest moments of the stream Thursday.

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