Madden 21: RB ratings REVEALED: Hardest RBs to tackle - Speed, Juke, Break Tackle ratings & more

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In Madden 21, avoiding and beating out contact is a huge part of the run game.

That means ratings like Speed, Juke, and Break Tackle are huge for running backs to grind out extra yardage and turn first downs into touchdowns.


Thanks to some new Madden 21 RB ratings reveals, we now have a good idea of who will be the most slippery running backs in the game.

Let's go over what we know so far!


Speed is perhaps the most important stat in Madden for running backs, and this will be no different in Madden 21.

Thanks to a recent reveal on EA Madden's Twitter account, we now know the fastest RBs in Madden 21 based on the Speed rating.

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You can go over the full list below:

Madden 21 speed ratings 1

CAN'T TOUCH THIS: The fastest RBs in Madden 21 can leave defenses in the dust, thankfully many aren't as strong in other aspects of the run game

This list will likely be the most contested, as it includes many players that aren't superstars just yet.

But all the same, these RBs need to be taken seriously or else you'll be seeing the backs of their jerseys soon enough.

Break Tackle

Defenders always have to fear a hard-nosed power running back, and a lot of this comes down to the Break Tackle rating.

After all, who needs to get around defenders when you can just go through them?

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Thanks to a recent reveal on the EA Madden Twitter account, we now know which running backs have the best Break Tackle ratings in Madden 21.

You can go over the full list below:

Madden 21 break tackle ratings 1

DEFENDERS BEWARE: These running backs can drive right through defenders who aren't careful

While there will certainly be some debate in this list, especially with so many players close together, these are certainly the 10 running backs defenders should be careful bringing down.


Having your ankles broken on TV is possibly the worst thing a defender can go through in sports. There are many clips where moments like these are immortalized, and in football, it often comes down to a well-timed deadly juke.


And Madden players aren't safe from the embarrassment.

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Thanks to a recent reveal on EA Madden's Twitter account, we now know which RBs will have the highest juke ratings in Madden 21.

You can read over the full list below:

Madden 21 juke ratings 1

DON'T DO IT: If you want to stay attached to your ankles, you better come at these running backs carefully

These running backs are without a doubt the most likely to create some embarrassing clips for players of all levels.