Madden 21 Ratings: Best cornerbacks (CB) in Franchise Mode - Gilmore, Ramsey, Sherman & more

The ratings in Madden 21 are coming out thick and fast this week.

We now know who the best cornerbacks in Madden 21 are. Let's take a look.

How to choose the best cornerbacks (CB) in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

This article is looking at the best cornerbacks in Madden 21. That's for Franchise Mode and non-Ultimate Team game modes!

In this article we don't care about age, contract status, or scheme preference, we're looking at raw OVR. Of course the vital stats within that for corners are man & zone coverage, press, play recognition and overall athleticism.

Stephon Gilmore - 99 OVR

Team: New England Patriots

One of the five members of the 99 Club, Stephon Gilmore is the top cornerback in Madden 21.

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ON LOCK: Gilmore locked down opponents every snap in 2019

Not only is he the top, but it is by some distance. With 99 awareness, 99 press, 99 man coverage, and 97 zone coverage he can be dominant in any scheme.

Jalen Ramsey - 94 OVR

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Jalen Ramsey takes the #2 corner spot with his 94 OVR. The Rams corner is an elite player.

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A well-balanced player with 95 man coverage and 95 zone coverage, Ramsey can lock down almost anyone.

Richard Sherman - 92 OVR

Team: San Francisco 49ers

The iconic corner may be 32 now, but he is still a terrific cornerback.

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LIKE FINE WINE: Sherman is getting better with age

With 87 speed he's a touch slow, but he also brings 98 zone coverage, 90 man coverage, and 81 catching to create more turnovers than most.

Jaire Alexander - 90 OVR

Team: Green Bay Packers

The Packers young corner leads the "new generation" of star coverage players.

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With a heavy bias toward man coverage (93 man vs 85 zone), you'll need to be specific with your coverages to get the best out of him. However, with 93 speed he is one of the faster corners around.

Tre'Davious White - 90 OVR

Team: Buffalo Bills

Buffalo's star corner Tre'Davious White is next up.

His 90 OVR is supported by 91 man coverage and 88 zone coverage. He also has 90 press along with 91 speed and 93 acceleration to be a truly fearsome cover player.

Casey Hayward Jr - 89 OVR

Team: Los Angeles Chargers

Next up is the Chargers pick-machine Casey Hayward. He's been done a little dirty with just 78 catching though.

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TOTY: Hayward was so good last year he made the MUT Team of the Year

Hayward is an elite cover corner though, with 92 man coverage and 90 zone coverage. He's also a great slot corner option with 93 change of direction and 93 agility.

Marlon Humphrey - 89 OVR

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Finally we get to the Ravens corner Marlon Humphrey. After a First-Team All-Pro appearance last season Humphrey could rightly be disappointed by his Madden rating.

Humphrey has 92 speed and 93 acceleration to be one of the most athletic corners in Madden 21. He also has 90 man coverage but a disappointing 83 zone coverage.

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All the best cornerbacks in Madden 21

Stephon Gilmore
New England Patriots
Jalen Ramsey
Los Angeles Rams
Richard Sherman
San Francisco 49ers
Jaire Alexander
Green Bay Packers
Tre'Davious White
Buffalo Bills
Casey Hayward Jr
Los Angeles Chargers
Marlon Humphrey
Baltimore Ravens
Byron Jones
Miami Dolphins
Darius Slay Jr
Philadelphia Eagles
Patrick Peterson
Arizona Cardinals
Chris Harris Jr
Los Angeles Chargers
Desmond King II
Los Angeles Chargers
Denzel Ward
Cleveland Browns
Marshon Lattimore
New Orleans Saints
Jason McCourty
New England Patriots
Kyle Fuller
Chicago Bears
Marcus Peters
Baltimore Ravens
AJ Bouye
Denver Broncos
Justin Coleman
Detroit Lions
Shaquill Griffin
Seattle Seahawks
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