Madden 21 gameplay: Next gen consoles PS5 & Xbox Series X promise to take it to a new level

Amazing graphics & no load times will just be a few of the advantages for Madden players.


Madden NFL is one of the most successful gaming franchises ever, but with the release of the next-gen of consoles this holiday period it is in for some huge changes.

When the Xbox 360 and Xbox One dropped, it’s fair to say that Madden suffered a little as EA Sports tried to adapt to the capabilities of the new hardware.

The change to the Frostbite Engine in Madden 18 saw a lot of physics and gameplay improvements, but with the awesome power of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X coming at the end of 2020 we are about to see a leap forward in realism and gameplay.

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Loading times

This will be the biggest boost for players when it comes to next gen consoles. Both Sony and Microsoft are making bold claims when it comes to the eradication of loading times.

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“We’ve created a new generation of SSDs… We’re using the SSD as virtual RAM” said Microsoft in their reveal video, and the result will make loading times a thing of the past. What a dream.


Xbox Series X has a sleak new design
SERIES X: Microsoft’s next gen console is set to take gaming to another level

When it comes to gameplay, Madden 21 on the next gen consoles should be the smoothest experience ever.

Gone will be input lags. Those annoying moments where your quarterback pumpfakes rather than throws because the game can’t keep up with how quickly you are trying to move the ball.

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The inability to turn an out route up-field before you run out of bounds? A thing of the past. This has been the bane of Madden players for years now, and will make those 4th & inches results just a bad memory.

With 8K capability and improved ray tracing the graphics will be a remarkable step forward, even for the sidelines and stadiums that have not been the most cared for by designers in the last few years.

Release date

Lamar Jackson - the likeliest candidate for the Madden 21 cover
COVER STAR: Lamar Jackson is the most likely cover star for Madden 21

Madden 21 looks set to drop before the next gen consoles in August 2020. That means that people can be seasons into their franchise mode or deep into Ultimate Team before we get the full experience on the PS5 or Series X.

The Xbox Series X promises backward compatibility, so you won’t have to buy Madden 21 again. While the PS5 is yet to confirm it, fans are confident that Sony will provide the same feature too.

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