Madden 21: Mobile QBs have changed how the stats for QBs work

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The QB position in the NFL has been steadily changing for many years.

Dual-threat QBs, those than can run and pass, are common in the College game but have been slower to take off in the NFL. Starting in the 1950s, the uptake of mobile QB's in the NFL has rapidly risen since the start of the century.

Now with Lamar Jackson on the cover, Madden 21 faces the challenge of how to make mobile QB's work in the game.

The evolution of 'Mobile QBs'

Over the years, positions within the NFL have evolved in style and importance. In the first half of the 20th century, it was all about the ability to throw the ball and moving away from running the ball.

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With the Hall-of-Famer Steve Young, the 49ers built their entire offense around blending these principles. This then accelerated through the league with the likes of Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb following.

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Into the turn of the century, Michael Vick captured the attention of the entire league with his mesmerizing ability to break from the pocket and was at times unplayable.

In recent times, Vick inspired youngsters have flooded the league and players that coaches have tried to guide into athletic-based positions have stood fast in wanting to stay at QB.

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Now we are blessed to have talents like Lamar Jackson, or Deshaun Watson, and Kyler Murray at the QB position.

These players have revolutionised the QB position as we know it. But that creates a problem in Madden.

What this means for Madden 21

Anyone that played Madden 04 will know that it hasn't been easy for EA Sports to model the impact of a mobile QB on the game.

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Michael Vick, who was the cover star, was unplayable and would destroy any defense he faced with his ridiculous speed stats.

We also saw something similar from Lamar Jackson in last years MUT. And with his incredible passing ability, there's a danger his stats will be simply too good and spammed too much.

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EA Sports did try to sort this by applying the stats differently behind the line of scrimmage. Jackson with his 96 speed for example, didn't run like a player that quick up until he was past the line.

There continues to be a difference in stats at a positional level. A 96 speed QB doesn't seem to be faster than a 90 speed defender.

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Also, due to high number of stats, it's not exactly clear how they are affecting each other. In Madden 18, the stamina stat seemed to make no difference, but QB's suffered heavily.

How speed, acceleration, agility, and stamina are all related when it comes to gameplay is not well documented. But these are now on the agenda for choosing which QB you should have leading your team.

There's generally work that EA could do to the overall rating system that would make them translate better into the gameplay scenarios.

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