Madden 21: Closed Beta feedback response gives fans new hope

The Madden 21 Closed Beta Developer Stream has come to a close after covering plenty of feedback, and how this feedback will change Madden 21 before release day.

Let's go over everything the Developer Stream covered, and why it could give fans new hope about the game.

Closed Beta Feedback

The Madden 21 Closed Beta Developer Stream touched on all of the most popular feedback points made across the Beta.

For a full breakdown of the feedback points and how the team responded to each, you can read them here.

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INSIGHT: Thanks to the developer stream, we know how Madden 21 will improve in accordance with the most popular user feedback

Some of the highlights included feedback on sluggish user control on defense, inclusion of the Film Study X-Factor ability, and response to the hurdle and trucking changes in button layout.

In response to these problems, the Developer Stream went into depth on the thought process behind these mechanics. Afterword they elaborated on how this feedback will impact future development.

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For the sluggish feeling of user control on defense, developers explained this was the intention. This change will combat the ability for defenders to control 3-4 pass routes via user control. That means a massive improvement to defensive authenticity in the Madden series.

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TOO MUCH USER CONTROL: The developer stream went into detail on why user control on defense will be less impactful in Madden 21

For the Film Study ability, developers elaborated that the ability was included for the sole purpose of gathering feedback, and that the polarizing response was the intention. They also revealed as a result of this feedback that Film Study won't be in Madden 21 on release day. Instead, it will come in a Madden Title Update.

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For the trucking and hurdle button layout changes, the developers elaborated that these changes will revert to their Madden 20 layout structure. This may impact other developmental changes in Madden 21, but the team feels this is important based on feedback.

The Importance of Madden 21 Developer Livestreams

The Developer Livestreams for Madden 21 give us unprecedented insights into the thought process behind what makes it into the game.

This is much more revealing than the Gridiron Notes series that accompany the streams, and answers the big questions.

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BEHIND THE SCENES: Developer streams are key to retaining fan trust in Madden 21

As a result of the Madden 21 Developer Streams, players can finally see how their feedback directly impacts the game. Including how much time developer's spend curating this feedback and evaluating it critically.

This is the exact kind of thing EA needs with Madden 21 after many moments of fans voicing displeasure.

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This was especially the case with the #FixMaddenFranchise trend - which the team have also committed to addressing in-depth in August.

By reaching fans in a more transparent and direct way, these developer streams can save fan's trust in Madden.

Because of this, we can only hope EA will continue putting out these Madden 21 Developer Streams.

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