Madden 21 Abilities: Confirmed for new game, tuned & improved, fresh abilities & more

The feature was added last year and will return in EA’s next NFL sim – due out at the end of August.

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MADDEN 21 x factor confirmed

Adding new features to a sports franchise can always be tough, but Madden 21 took that risk last year.

The introduction of X-Factor and Superstar abilities made elite players stand out from the crowd and gave a sense of additional planning & ownership in Ultimate Team.

Now we know they will be back in Madden 21, and much improved.


X-Factor abilities confirmed for Madden 21

The first shot of gameplay is Lamar Jackson making a mockery of defenders at the goal line.

Visible under him is a big red X – the X-Factor symbol.

Which means we now know they will be back for Madden 21.

SUPERSTAR: Elite players got a boost in Madden 20 thanks to X-Factors

These abilities can be real game-changers.

Giving a boost to various attributes or performance in key situations, players had to find ways of getting their guys into the right situation to activate their abilities.

It added an element of planning and game management that was otherwise lacking from Madden, making everyone feel more like a superstar head coach.

Abilities tuned for year 2

In a recent developer stream, EA stated they are tuning the the abilities for better in-game balance. What does that mean?

Some WR abilities will be tweaked to make them less hyper-specific to routes run and more about areas of the field.

On the flip side, defensive coverage abilities were a bit too catch-all. They will be broken up into multiple versions that grant bonuses in covering certain spaces, mirroring the receiver abilities.

Pass leads will also be tuned to avoid frustrating overthrows.

Any new abilities for Madden 21?

Nothing was revealed about new or returning abilities. We are sure to get some more information at EA Play though.

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It would be surprising if there weren’t new abilities in Madden 21. Things like clutch play that impact third downs and 4th quarter plays would be good. Along with something to help combat Mossed and Juke Box in Ultimate Team.


Madden 21 release date

Madden 21 has a release date of 28 August.

The MVP Edition will bring with it three days of early access, letting players start their Super Bowl journey on 25 August.

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