LoL Victorious Skins Revealed for Season 14 Ranked Splits

LoL new skins announced

LoL new skins announced

Riot Games has officially announced in their most recent Dev Update video that two new Victorious skins will be included in the LoL 2024 season ranked rewards.

Players can look forward to obtaining an ADC skin for Split 1 and a support skin for Split 2 by earning sufficient ranked split points. Notably, Gold tier and higher players will have the opportunity to acquire these skins for a reduced number of points.

Below is everything you must be aware of regarding the ranked rewards for League of Legends Season 2024.

League of Legends Season 2024 ranked rewards revealed

In a recent Dev blog named "Ranked Rewards in 2024," Riot Games recognised the modifications implemented in the previous seasons, such as the ranked rewards system and its rollout.

The blog also mentioned: "So we wanted to show you what we have planned as there are now three splits each Ranked season, as well as how the rewards are going to look for 2024 and onward for now."

LoL Reveals New Skins for Ranked Play
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New Victorious Skins

Players must be aware that the publisher has increased the reward track by introducing two splits and distributing Victorious Anivia and Tryndamere in 2023.

In 2024, Riot decided against merely tripling the rewards, as it was deemed insufficiently impactful. Consequently, the company reevaluated the reward structure for both individual splits and overall participation.

They stated: "Don’t worry you’re not getting LESS, we made sure of that—but we did make some slight changes to how the rewards usually look like."

The Victorious skins for 2024 are Victorious Kog'Maw and Victorious Sona.

What are the changes?

The modifications are outlined below:

  • The split icon's end has been shifted to the conclusion of the season instead of the end of the split
  • Riot Games has decreased the Split Point requirement for the Victorious Skins for players below Gold from 1600 to 1000
  • Players will receive the chromas corresponding to their rank at the conclusion of every split
  • Riot Games has introduced a fresh feature called the "End of Year Experience," offering players a new Ranked emote to display their highest rank achieved. It says: "As a bonus, if you complete (obtain the Victorious skin) all three splits all of the skins will receive a splash art border denoting the highest rank that you reached for the year on the splash art for each Victorious skin. This will immediately apply to all three earned Victorious skins for the year once it's granted."

Returning to the topic of Victorious skins, players who achieve 80 Split points and are ranked Gold or higher, or 1000 Split points if they are below Gold, will be rewarded with the Victorious Kog'Maw skin. Similarly, achieving the same requirements in Split 2 will grant players the Victorious Sona skin in LoL.

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