Can You Cleanse Skarner Ult in LoL?

LoL Battlecast Skarner splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

LoL Battlecast Skarner splash art.
Credit: Riot Games

The reworked Skarner has entered the Rift with the recent Patch 14.7, and LoL players are eagerly exploring how this beloved scorpion has evolved! Boasting a disruption-heavy kit, many LoL players are curious about whether they can use Cleanse on Skarner’s Ultimate.

Gone is the image of the "sad, defeated, lonely scorpion who misses his kind," a sentiment that secured Skarner's victory in the 2022 VGU fan poll. In Ixtal, the ancient brackern is revered as a founding member of the ruling Yun Tal caste, fiercely protecting his homeland's isolation.

Can players use Cleanse on Skarner's Ultimate?

Unfortunately, Cleanse won't save you from Skarner's ultimate. During a press roundtable for the Skarner VGU, Lead Champion Designer Blake Smith confirmed that Skarner's ultimate, "Impale," applies a Suppression debuff, which Cleanse cannot remove.

The Summoner Spell Cleanse removes most crowd control effects, but not Airborne, Nearsight, and Suppression. When suppressed, a unit cannot control its movement, declare attacks, cast abilities, activate items or use any Summoner Spells for the duration. With his ultimate, Skarner can suppress up to three champions, making him a nightmare for squishy carries.

However, all hope is not lost! While it’s impossible to escape the grasp of the deadly scorpion with Cleanse, the Suppression debuff from Skarner’s Ultimate can be removed by Quicksilver Sash!

LoL Earthrune Skarner splash art.
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Credit: Riot Games

Being forcibly separated from your team is terrifying, and Skarner's signature ultimate, Impale, has only become more fearsome. Though it can be dodged as it's now an AoE skillshot, once it connects, this ability becomes a powerful, game-changing teamfighting tool. The dream scenario for Skarner players? Charging in with E, suppressing up to three enemies with your ultimate, hauling them into your team's waiting arms, and watching them fall. His Q and W further cripple any escape attempts.

Through VGUs, Riot aims to modernise beloved champions while preserving their core identities. The Primordial Sovereign has shed his pink-purple crystal aesthetic and emerges as a menacing crowd-control powerhouse in teamfights.

With this VGU, Skarner is set to become a powerful addition to the jungle champion pool. His reworked kit offers a formidable blend of engage, crowd control, and damage, making him a valuable asset to any team composition!

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