LoL New Champion Aurora: Everything We Know About It

Aurora in LoL

Aurora in LoL

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League of Legends has experienced sporadic leaks throughout its extensive history. From skins and champions to game modes and other content, LoL has consistently dealt with unofficially revealed material.

In a surprising turn of events, the developers of League of Legends have officially teased the upcoming champion: Aurora.

Explore the leaked information, assets, and more related to Aurora here.

Who is League of Legends Champion Aurora?

The upcoming League of Legends Champion, Aurora, will hail from the Freljord. Initially, there were speculations about a new mid-lane champion resembling a rabbit, also from the Freljord. However, it appears that Aurora will not be that champion.

Instead, she will be the Ice Huntress, a ranged ADC for both the Top and Bottom lanes. What makes Aurora even more exciting is the fact that she will wield a completely unique weapon, unlike anything we have seen before.

This is significant because she will be the first new champion from the Freljord since Ornn, who was introduced way back in 2017. The good news is that we can expect two champions from the Freljord this year, with back-to-back releases.

LoL Aurora Kit

The kit of LoL Aurora remains a mystery at this time. However, it is anticipated that details may surface soon given the recent influx of information.

What has been revealed so far is her title as the Ice Huntress, her origin in the Freljord, and the introduction of a new weapon. These details suggest that she may possess abilities related to slowing or stunning her opponents.

Additionally, there is speculation that she might utilize ice for mobility, possibly sliding on it to increase her speed.

LoL Aurora Icon
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Credit: Riot Games

As for her new weapon, it could range from an icicle to a more whimsical option like a snowball cannon. While these possibilities are not guaranteed, they could add an element of enjoyment to her gameplay.

As more information becomes available through official announcements or leaks, this section will be updated accordingly.

LoL Aurora Release Date

The release date for LoL Aurora is expected to fall on either 12 June 2024 or 26 June 2024.

However, there is also a possibility that it may be delayed until 17 July 2024, with Patch 14.14. The timing of the release will likely coincide with the mid-season event.

It remains to be seen whether it will happen before or after their brief hiatus. Given that her files have already been added, it is highly likely that we will receive more information about Aurora soon.

It appears that we will have a release schedule similar to that of 2023. Four new champions will be introduced, with one at the start of the year, another during the mid-year event, and two towards the end of the year.

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