LoL Infernal Skins 2024 Release Date, Champions, and Price

LoL Infernal skins 2024

LoL Infernal skins 2024

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Riot Games will be launching a fiery set of LoL Infernal Skins in 2024, alongside Patch 14.11. Patch 14.10 has arrived, bringing a host of mid-season updates to the game such as modifications to the rune system, adjustments to items, and the introduction of new items.

The Infernal skin line reimagines champions as harbingers of fire, set in a world transformed into a land of ashes, cinders, and fire by the Ashen Lord and his Infernal legions.

Which LoL Champions Will Receive Infernal Skins in 2024?

The official League of Legends Leaks & News X account recently unveiled the Infernal skins for this year. Here are all the champions set to receive Infernal skins in 2024:

  • Infernal Karma
  • Infernal Olaf
  • Infernal Ashe

Nevertheless, a Riot developer has issued a statement alluding to the possibility of additional skins being released. The mention of a bird in the statement implies that Anivia or Azir may also be receiving an Infernal skin.

LoL Infernal skins in 2024
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Infernal Karma in LoL

Furthermore, the teaser involving a "bird" could potentially indicate that Xayah, Rakan, or Quinn might also be getting the skin.

LoL Infernal Skins 2024 Price

The forthcoming Infernal skins are anticipated to be categorized as Epic skins. This indicates that you can anticipate obtaining them for the regular Epic Skin price of 1350 RP in the League of Legends client's Skin Store once they are released.

LoL Infernal Skins 2024 Skins Release Date

Patch 14.10 has recently been released on the servers, and fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Infernal skins with Patch 14.11, set to be launched on May 30, 2024, per the official LoL patch schedule.

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