GTA Online Update 20 October: Release Time, All Discounts, & Podium Vehicle

gta online ufo

gta online ufo

It is prime time for spooky updates in games and GTA Online is no different. Last week say Jack 'O Lanterns and UFOs were added back into the game as well as the usual content updates and discounts.

As we look towards what may arrive this week, we're expecting less spooky content and a much more straightforward content update for GTA Online.

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LATEST - This Week's Update

This week's GTA Online update is live in-game! Here's everything that has changed.

Cerberus Freemode Event is live

Returning content

  • Halloween content is live
  • Beast Vs Slasher

3x GTA$ & RP

  • Freemode Events

2x GTA$ & RP

  • Beast Vs Slasher Adversary Mode
  • Exotic Exports

Log in unlock: - Famine Mask (Pic: Stezya discord)

Podium - Thrax

Prize Ride - Viseris

Luxury Showcase - Entity XXR, Neon

Simeon Showcase - Zion Classic, Defiler, Tampa, Zombie Chopper, Everon

Complete a Payphone Hit to unlock - Green Vintage Mummy

40% Off ALL Garages

50% Off

  • Comet Safari ($355,000)
  • Zion Classic ($406,000)
  • Bullet ($77,500)
  • Tampa ($187,500)

40% Off

  • Blazer Aqua ($1,053,360 - $792,000)

30% Off

  • Everon ($1,032,500 - $774,375)
  • Locust ($1,137,500)
  • Neon ($1,050,000)

GTA Online Update Release Time

The next GTA Online Update is expected to take place on Thursday 20 October. The info on the update usually drops at around 2 am PST / 5 am EST / 10 am GMT on the day of the update.

martin modrazo in gta online
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This time can be altered by up to an hour though depending on the size of the update, any potential issues that may arise, and if any other announcements are due (we're not expecting anything major!).

We'll keep you updated with the drop when it is live. The usual source, @TezFunz2 is usually the first to tweet out the changes. We'll update this article with all the information, so don't worry about chasing the patch notes down.

Last Weeks Update

Here is everything that was added into GTA Online as part of the most recent weekly update.

Rhinehart ($1,598,000)

200 Jack o' Lantern Collectibles

Returning modes

  • Alien Survivals
  • Original Slasher Adv Mode

2x GTA$ & RP

  • Slasher Adv
  • Alien Survivals
  • Special Vehicle Work
  • 7 New Community Jobs

1.5x GTA$ & RP

  • Special Cargo Sell Missions

Podium: Astron

Prize Ride: Cheetah (Top 1 in Pursuit Series, 2 days in row)

Luxury Showcase - Rhinehart, Tigon

Simeon's Showroom - Outlaw, Veto Classic, Guardian, Kuruma, Dominator GTT

Log in unlock: - Conquest Mask (Pic above)

gta online yellow mil spec hummer vehicle
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40% Off

  • Special Cargo Warehouses

50% Off

  • Crusader ($112,500)
  • Ellie ($282,500 - $211,875)
  • Exemplar ($102,500)
  • Huntley ($97.500)

40% Off

  • Outlaw ($760,800 - $570,600)
  • Specter ($359,400)
  • Veto Classic ($537,000)

30% Off

  • Arena Deathbike ($888.300)
  • Dominator GTT ($845,000 - $640,500)
  • Weapons
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