GTA 6 - Leaker claims Rockstar title will have female protagonist

GTA games have always been lead by a male character, becoming sort of like a rule of thumb.

We've got some great characters across the different titles, with Trevor Philips been one of the highlights of the latest entry. However, this trend is about to change according to this new rumour.

Finally a female?

According to user @_TomHenderson_ on Twitter, the next GTA title will have a male and a female protagonist, and the best thing is that both characters are set to be playable.

If it ends being true, this will be the first time a female character is playable in the series.

We reached out Tom for further comment, and he said the character "won't be forced" into the story, meaning that it will develop naturally around this female protagonist.

For those who don't know him, Tom is a very well-known Call of Duty leaker who shares information about the franchise and its upcoming games every year.

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He previously leaked how the Black Ops Cold War integration with Warzone will work, and he was on point.

GTA 6 in development already

This is not the first well-known leaker talking about GTA 6 this year.

@Yan2295, a "retired" Grand Theft Auto leaker, mentioned a few days ago on his Twitter account that Rockstar is indeed developing a new game.

He used to leak a lot of information about the franchise but then he stopped after Rockstar asked him nicely.

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As to when Rockstar will start talking about it, this remains unclear. GTA Online, the multiplayer side of GTA V, just received a huge expansion last month, so we are not expecting any official news soon.

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