GTA 5 Online: UFO Locations and How to Find Them



GTA Online has some festivities in store for this Halloween. Pumpkins have been showing up for you to practice your observation skills, but now it's time to hunt bigger game.

While you're out searching for Jack o' Lanterns, keep your eyes peeled for UFOs as the rewards are not to be sniffed at. Here's everything you need to know about how to find them.

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How to Find UFOs in GTA 5 Online

These unidentified aircraft are hard to miss, and can be spotted by the beam of light shooting down to the ground. If you're lucky enough to see one, don't get too close, as it will disappear before your eyes.

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UFOs will only appear at night, from 10pm to 4am in-game time, which should make them easier to spot against the night sky. Only 1 UFO will show up per day until the 21st of October, after which you have the chance to see multiple.

A total of 25 UFOs are up for grabs, but the GTA Online event will come to a close on the 29th of October, so get out there and don't miss out! A special type of UFO will spawn over the Zancudo river on the 21st, which will offer even bigger and better rewards.

GTA 5 UFO Rewards

If you're lucky enough to see a UFO in GTA Online, keep your distance and snap a picture, as that's the only way to pick up rewards. Send it over to Omega, who will reward you handsomely for your troubles.

Each UFO will net you a reward of $15,000, and 1000RP. If you can capture all 25 though, an additional $50k will be sent your way, as well as a believe cap to commemorate your achievement.

GTA Zancudo River
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The special UFO sighted over the Zancudo River on the 21st will net an additional $50k and 1000RP by itself if you can snap a picture. That's quite the nest egg you can build up for sightseeing, so don't miss out this Halloween in GTA 5.

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