GTA Online Update 21 February: Release Time, All Discounts, & Podium Vehicle

gta online weekly update

gta online weekly update

Another GTA Online is LIVE and we're expecting the same rhythm of new items, jobs and discounts as usual. Last week's update signalled that things are back to normal which is great for the online community.

There aren't many games as well supported as Rockstar's online criminal enterprise simulator. Each week we're guaranteed new content and a ton of discounts to help make existing in-game items more affordable.

So, if you're a keen criminal entrepreneur, here's when you can check out the next GTA Online update and what happened in last week's update!

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GTA Online Update Release Time

The next GTA Online Update is expected to take place on Thursday 23 February. The info on the update usually drops at around 2 am PST / 5 am EST / 10 am GMT on the day of the update.

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This time can be altered by up to an hour though depending on the size of the update, any potential issues that may arise, and if any other announcements are due (we're not expecting anything major!).

We'll keep you updated with the drop when it is live. The usual source, @TezFunz2 is usually the first to tweet out the changes. We'll update this article with all the information, so don't worry about chasing the patch notes down.

Last Weeks Update

Last week's GTA Online update was back to the expected size after the holidays. As all festive content has been removed from the game, everything is back to normal in GTA Online.

You can still make the most of last week's update until the new one is live. This will run for another week and the content will only be available for that week.

But, here is the last weekly update for GTA Online and what players have seen in their game.

New vehicle - Issi Rally ($1,835,000)

HSW Upgrade - Issi Rally ($650,000)

2x GTA$ & RP

  • Motor Wars Adversary Mode

2x GTA$ & RP & Arena Points

  • Arena War Modes

2x GTA$

  • Taxi Work (4x GTA$ for GTA+)

Podium - Pariah

Prize Ride - Winky (Top 1 in Street Races, 3 days in row)

Luxury Showcase - Issi Rally, Deveste Eight

Simeon Showroom - Zentorno, Schlagen GT, Vamos, Deviant, Impaler


40% Off Arena Workshop & renovations

30% Off Arena War Upgradeable Vehicles

40% Off

  • Zentorno - $435,000

30% Off

  • Deveste Eight - $1,256,500
  • Itali GTO - $1,375,500
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