GTA Online Update 13 October: Release Time, All Discounts, & Podium Vehicle

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gta online weekly update

It's that time of the week again! Another GTA Online Update is due very soon and will bring us a whole new wave of items, discounts, and game mode updates.

So, if you're a keen criminal entrepreneur, here's when you can check out the next GTA Online Update as well as what happened in last week's update!


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GTA Online Update Release Time

The next GTA Online Update is expected to take place on Thursday 13 October. The info on the update usually drops at around 2 am PST / 5 am EST / 10 am GMT on the day of the update.

gta online enterprise meeting

This time can be altered by up to an hour though depending on the size of the update, any potential issues that may arise, and if any other announcements are due (we're not expecting anything major!).

We'll keep you updated with the drop when it is live. The usual source, @TezFunz2 is usually the first to tweet out the changes. We'll update this article with all the information, so don't worry about chasing the patch notes down.

Last Weeks Update

Last week's GTA Online Update is still available until the new one is released. Check out all of the additions, freebies and discounts below!


Junk Energy Skydives

2x GTA$ & RP on

  • Smuggler Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions
  • Flight School

Turf Wars Adversary Mode Log in unlock: - Orange Tech Demon Mask (Pic by Ali)

Podium: SC1

Prize Ride: Infernus Classic (Top 2 in Street Races, 3 days in row)

Luxury Showcase - Zentorno, Jester RR


Simeon's Showroom - Dubsta, Greenwood, Sentinel XS, Youga Classic, Retinue Mk II

gta franklin, michael and trevor

40% Off

  • Hangars (+Renovations) 50% Off
  • Moonbeam Custom ($185,000)

50% Off

  • Swift ($800,000 - $750,000)

40% Off

  • Hunter ($2,473,800 - $1,860,000)
  • Jester Classic ($474,000)

35% Off

  • Bombushka ($3,847,025 - $2,892,500)

30% Off

  • Luxor Deluxe ($7,000,000)
  • Molotok ($3,351,600 - $2,520,000)
  • Tula ($3,621,590 - $2,723,000)

20% Off

  • Conada ($1,960,000 - $1,470,000)