Fortnite: Vending Machines To Make A Return During Season 13 - Release Date, News, and More!

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is nearly halfway done already, with the water levels set to lower yet again in a few days.

When the water levels do shrink, players will be able to explore all the old POIs from last season.

However, one fan has discovered an old mechanic that may be coming back soon!

Here is what we know!


Reddit user u/Inverse_Darthy was interested in what the POIs will look like one the water levels decrease over the course of the season.

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Going into the replay files from one of their recent games, they started going through POIs that are currently underwater.

One of these was Camp Cod, the most southern point of the map for those who do not remember.

Check out what they found!

Vending Machine
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COMEBACK - Does this confirm the return?

Vending Machines?

For those who do not remember, Vending Machines were originally added back in early 2018.

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At first, players would need to exchange materials for some sort of weapon/item and then the Vending Machine would disappear.

As time went on, Epic adjusted this so they did not vanish once a player used one.

VM 1
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INSANE - We used to love these machines!

We have not seen Vending Machines since the beginning of Chapter 2 as well so it is odd that this was spotted.

When Will It Return?


As of now, we do not know when Vending Machines are going to make a return to Fortnite.

Since they were only spotted at Camp Cod, which is one of the lower elevated POIs. It might be quite some time before we see one.

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