Fortnite New Season 3 Map Leak! - New Trident, New POI's, End of Season 3 and More!

Fortnite kicked off Chapter 2 Season 3 with a huge change to the Fortnite Map.

This included flooding in large areas of the map, creating some interesting combat zones and movement.

Throughout the season, we'll see the water level of the map slowly reduce revealing new areas.

Luckily, a user on Twitter by the name of "VollMitBotox" has leaked an image of the map at the end of Season 3.

Flooded Map

At the start of Season 3, most of the Fortnite map was completely flooded, leaving some of our favourite POI's submerged.

fortnite season 3 map underwater
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MIDAS PLAN - How will Midas play a roll in the new Season?

However, throughout this season, the water level will fall, revealing some of the old locations.

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We recommend using a boat or using a fishing rod to hitch a ride on a shark to traverse the flooded areas of the map.

Trident at Spawn Island

Fans have also been hunting for clues around the map, hinting to what might happen next.

aquaman skin challenge
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AQUAMAN - The new Aquaman skin is available with the Season 3 Battle Pass!

A user on Reddit by the name of "bluehand11695454" posted in the FotNiteBR page with some interesting features found in the new map.

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Here, we see an image of a Trident in a rock, possibly hinting towards how Aquaman will play a role in the upcoming weeks.

Season 4 Map?

This is the image VollMitBotox shared on Twitter.

fortnite season 3 end map
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NEW MAP - How will this new Map effect the way we move and rotate to new locations?

Here, we can see most of the water/flood has gone and some old POI's have returned.

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This is expected to be the map at the end of Season 3, and leading into Season 4.

New Ruin POI

Locations like Sweaty Sands and Frenzy Farms will return to their old state.

fortnite cars
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CARS - New vehicles will allow players to traverse the map with ease.

It also seems like The Fortilla will still be around at the end of Season 3, with POI's like Catty Corner and Lazy Lake being largely unaffected.

We can see in the North-West (Top Left) corner of the map a new location called "The Ruins".

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This is expected to be the ruins of Atlantis, tying in with the Aquaman / Black Mantis storyline.

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