Fortnite: Best Controllers To Use for June 2020! Xbox, PS4, Next-Gen, and More!

Fornite Chapter 2 Season 2 has been keeping fans occupied in the wait for Chapter 2 Season 3.

According to an update from Epic Games posted 3 June, however, Fornite Chapter 2 Season 3 is officially delayed.

In getting prepared for the new season, you may be in the market for a brand new controller.

Here are some of the best ones to use for June 2020!

Battle Beaver Customs

  • $68 to $118 for four rear buttons

Battle Beaver Customs has been one of the rising stars in the custom controller world.

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Instead of the traditional paddles on the back of the controller, they have opted for buttons along the rear grips.

Battle Beaver has increasingly become popular with professional Call of Duty and Fortnite players.

Battle Beaver
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GRIPS - Do you prefer the buttons or paddles?

Xbox Elite 2

  • $179.99 USD

The best controller produced by a first-party company is without a doubt the latest Xbox Elite.

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The Elite 2 comes with four attachable paddles and has some of the best triggers out of any controller on this list.

It is also well known for its sturdy build quality, so you know you will not have to worry about breaking it anytime soon.

Xbox Elite 2
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PRESENTATION - What a beauty of a controller!

Scuf Impact

  • Starting at $149.99 USD

Perhaps the most recognizable controller on the entire planet, Scuf Gaming has been around for quite some time.

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Although Scuf may no longer be the king of controllers, that isn't to say they do not make quality products.

Scuf Impact
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IMPACT - One of the best Scuf's ever!

Having four solid paddles right out of the box is always a plus, and their customizable options are some of the best.

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