Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Best Controller Presets - Quick Builder, Builder Pro, Combat Pro, Our Custom Preset & More

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is just around the corner, so it might be a good time to finesse your controller settings in time for the big update.

There are four distinct controller presets for Fortnite, including the 'old school' preset that Season 1 veterans will remember for all the wrong reasons.

You also have the option to create your own custom preset, so we will provide you with our best custom preset.

Continue below for all of the details!

Best Controller Presets

Of the four controller presets, we can already take 'Old School' and 'Quick Builder' out of the mix.

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THE CREAM OF THE CROP: Here, we take you through the most popular controller settings and provide insight with our own custom preset!

'Old School' was far too slow and awkward to use when building, and 'Quick Builder' is pretty much just the poor man's 'Builder Pro'.

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'Combat Pro' is barely used by the Fortnite community but deserves an honourable mention.

Continue below for the two best controller presets, including our very own custom preset.

Builder Pro

Very much the pick for Fortnite console players, 'Builder Pro' actually significantly changed the Fortnite experience when it was released.

builder pro
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Players very quickly worked out how to build structures in a hurry, taking the battlefield to the sky!

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The building settings are very intuitive, and it helps to be able to pop up some cover when you are taking damage.

Although you can start from scratch with a custom preset, we recommend that you use 'Builder Pro' as your basis (since it is best for the build-heavy meta of the game).

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TAKE OUR ADVICE: We are here purely to benefit your Fortnite playstyle ahead of the new season!

Builder Pro also allows you to build the most smoothly with it's 'Turbo Building' feature.

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However, when you need to edit something, pressing circle isn’t anywhere near quick enough - we would recommend that you choose to click L3 instead.

If you’re worried about how this will impact sprinting, you should turn 'automatically run' on.

Our final recommendation would be that you change your crouch input to something intuitive for when you are editing and building since default Fortnite settings do not allow you to crouch.

Using L3 for editing will take some getting used to, so have a few practice rounds to familiarise yourself.

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