Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Map: Return to original map? Delay, leaks, rumors and more about Season 13!

Do not be surprised if Epic Games changes up the map again next Season! It’s a big one!

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fortnite new map chapter 2 season 3

We were in the home stretch for Chapter 2 Season 2, but the current season has been extended into June by Epic Games.

Every season is one that gamers all over the world look forward too, it is a time where Epic Games puts on their best performance. Whether it is a season-ending event or a brand new map.

We have not had a significant change in the Fortnite map for quite some time now, so what can we expect for Chapter 2 Season 3?


Return TO OG Map?

old map 2
MEMORIES – Who else misses the old map dearly?

The classic Fortnite map was blown up at the end of Season X.

This map had a little bit of everything, it had three different biomes, and the POI’s on the map was just superior in every way.

It goes without saying that a lot of Fortnite fans are missing the old map right now.

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Although the new map is nice, it cannot compare to the classic one. So, is there any chance the old map could be coming back during Chapter 2 Season 3?

As of now, there are no indications that the old map is coming back anytime soon. Perhaps, Epic Games takes another page off of Apex Legends book and split the season up between the old and current map!

Any Guesses?

fortnite battle royale skye hd wallpaper preview 3
NEW BIOMES? – Could we see a desert biome return?

It is hard to say right now where the map changes could come. However, if we were to guess where we could see some possible changes, it would probably be somewhere in the bottom right of the map.

This area is where the landmark location “Cape Cod” is located. A lot of speculation has been around the Visitor, who infamously caused “The End” event is located here.

Perhaps we will see some sort of massive building or destruction of surrounding mountains?

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