Fortnite Season 2: All Mythic Weapon Locations & How To Get Them!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is finally here! After the longest Fortnite season ever, which lasted for more than four months, fans are beyond relieved to finally be checking out the new season.

One of the new unique aspects of season two is the five mythical weapons located around the map. These are similar to regular weapons but each has something unique about them.

Let's take a look at how to get each of them and where you can find them!

Mythical Grappler and AR

Shark 1
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NEW NEW - Shark is one of the newest POIs on the map!

"Shark" is the secluded island located at the north-western point of the map; this is also home to the Mythical Assualt Rifle and Mythical Grappler. This is the only POI that has two of these mythical weapons as well!

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The same method about obtaining these weapons will hold true for all of these POIs; you are going to want to eliminate the "boss" of the POI. In this case, the boss is Skye; the LVL 80 battle pass skin will have both of these weapons on her!

Mythical Drum Gun

The Agency
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CENTER MAP - The Agency is a massive POI.

Next up on our list is the Mythical Drum Gun, this weapon fires at a very effective rate and has an insane damage output.

To obtain this weapon you are going to want to eliminate "Midas" at The Agency who is also the LVL 100 battle pass skin!

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Mythical Boom Bow

Oil Rig 3
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OFFSHORE - Most of the new POIs are off the coast of the map.

Heading over to the south-western side of the map you will encounter TNTina who resides on the new Oil Rig POI.

She holsters the Mythical Boom Bow which has an increased fire rate and damage output!

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Mythical Heavy Assualt Rifle

Yacht Fortnite Location
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SMOOTH SAILING - This POI is similar to the classic COD map!

Meowsicles is the boss abord the Yacht POI located at the north-eastern point of the map just above Steamy Stacks.

This boss has the Mythical Heavy Assualt Rifle which does over 70 damage if you land a headshot!

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Mythical Mini-Gun

grotto vault 3
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BRUTE - Brutus is one of the larger skins in Fortnite!

The last mythical weapon you can obtain in Fortnite is the Mythical Mini-Gun; located at the underground base titled "Grotto".

Brutus is the boss of this secret lair, and will have the Mini-Gun on him as well; it is a treat to use this weapon!

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