FIFA 23: Top 5 promos we NEED to see in Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has rolled out plenty of promos this season, with not a Friday going by that we haven't see some kind of new content.

Road to the Knockouts, Team of the Year and Team of the Season are just some of the staple events we will surely see released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but what about some of the other promos we've seen?

We take a retrospective look over some of the best promos released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team that we would like to see return, as well suggestions for future promos that could make FIFA 23 the best FUT experience yet!

FUT Captains

As with any promo, FUT Captains brought us plenty of upgraded players, but what made it perhaps our favourite event of the season was the card selection.

Very often, EA will recycle the same old names, granting special cards to a select few players who they know will sell packs.

With FUT Captains, there was a restriction on the player selection, as they had to be a club captain.

That saw awesome new cards for many we wouldn't usually expect to see, including Mark Noble and Tyrone Mings.

Not only that, but the upgrades to FUT Heroes cards made them relevant again, something that was much needed after they slipped under the power curve pretty early on in the season.

We would love to see FUT Captains return again in FIFA 23, granting special cards to unsung heroes and improving a hopefully ever-expanding FUT Heroes roster.

Fantasy FUT

Fantasy FUT redesigned the What If promo from FIFA 21, using similar game mechanics for upgrades, which could see the special cards grow by +3 overall.

We love live cards, as it adds a bit more excitement not knowing how they could be upgraded, and gets you invested more in real-world results too.

The promo ended with 27 players rated 90+, with outstanding 95 OVR cards for Marcus Rashford, Ousmane Dembele, and Allan Saint-Maximin.

The new mechanics relied on team performance, individual excellence, and consistent selection, which was a vast improvement from What If.

Again, we would welcome back the Fantasy FUT promo with open arms in FIFA 23.

Check out all the Fantasy FUT upgrades on our tracker right here.

Showdown Series

We're used to the concept of Showdown cards by now, so when a new Showdown Series promo was released in FUT 22 we were intrigued.

Some Showdown cards were released via objectives, but the majority came through SBCs, with daily content to get through.

The timing of the release was perfect, with vital domestic and European matches covered in the event, which added a little extra spice to it.

Many had to carefully pick which Showdown cards they would go for, not wanting to use up all their club resources completing each SBC, which made the gamble feel even sweeter when your chosen player got upgraded.

Again, we saw a varied selection of players included, perhaps most noticeably Wout Weghorst, who was a real star of the promo with a ridiculously powerful card!

World Cup Series

As many will know, FIFA 23 will release in a World Cup year, with the Qatar 2022 tournament starting at the end of November.

In a recent statement regarding EA Sports FC, EA mentioned FIFA 23, saying:

We are committed to ensuring the next FIFA is our best ever, with more features, game modes, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions, and players than any FIFA title before.

We want to see that World Cup content maxed out, as it could be the last time it features in an EA game, being one of the few rights their deal with FIFA involves.

FIFA 22 Qatar World Cup
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+ 2
LOOKING FORWARD - It's a World Cup year and the celebrations should be BIG

Ultimate Team should be transformed during the World Cup, with masses of new content unleashed.

There should be a huge celebration promo spanning weeks, bringing the regular boosted cards, objectives, and SBCs, and also the introduction of additional Live FUT Friendlies, maybe even a FUT Champions style World Cup mode too!

Imagine, each weekend the World Cup spans would see FUT Champions remodelled, with you needing to qualify from your group before heading into knockout matches, then going on to win the cup and get top rewards.

May the Swaps Continue

This one doesn't apply to a specific promo, but rather a system we have seen used multiple times this season.

We are used to getting a token swaps system during Icon Swaps events, but this year EA has rolled them out into other promos too, including Winter Wildcards, Future Stars, FUT Birthday, and Team of the Season.

FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 3
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EXPANDING SWAPS - It wasn't just Icon Swaps that saw a token system used this season

It is a great way of bringing some extra content to a promo and makes players engage with completing specific objectives and SBCs, gaining great rewards in the process.

We're not saying we want to see token swaps included in every promo, but if EA scatters them throughout the year as they have done in FIFA 22 we would be very happy customers!

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