FIFA 22 Showdown Series: BRAND NEW promo confirmed with LOADS of content coming

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The Fantasy FUT promo has come to an end in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with a brand new event replacing it.

We thought the elusive FUT Captains event was coming, but instead, we have the Showdown Series.

Find out all you need to know about the new promo right here.

Latest - Showdown Series Confirmed

After much speculation, the Showdown Series has dropped as the newest promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

As leaked, there will be daily Showdown content coming up until Thursday, 7 April.

We think this will mainly come via SBC, but there are already objectives cards released too.

The release has seen two new cards made available via objectives, and another couple through SBCs.

Plenty more will be coming over the next few days, so make sure you're prepared!

Release Date

The Showdown Series promo landed on Friday, 1 April at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

It is stated to run until Thursday, 7 April, with Showdown players gaining upgrades on Friday, 8 April and Tuesday, 12 April.

Showdown Series

The Showdown Series is a new promo introduced to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, so there could be some surprises in store for us.

What we do know is that daily Showdown content will be coming highlighting key upcoming matches, we suspect mainly through SBCs.

The event kicked off with a couple of cards available via SBCs and another couple through objectives, with a chance that a Silver Stars Showdown could also appear.

Reliable leaker Fut Sheriff said that eight new Showdowns are added to come, which he says includes a Silver Showdown.

We hope your clubs are stacked full of fodder, as this event could bleed you dry.

Leaked Showdowns

Fut Sheriff has provided plenty of Showdown leaks, including one for the Champions League game between Villarreal and Bayern Munich, which he said would arrive in the following days.

With daily Showdowns set to come, get ready to see plenty more leaks over the next few days.

Check out all the leaked Showdowns below:

How do Showdown cards work?

FIFA 22 Showdown SBCs are a very simple, but very clever concept, that relies on real-world footballing fixtures and results to determine upgrades to cards.

To start off, 2 cards are released as Showdown SBCs for a limited time for an upcoming fixture, usually pitting two relatively equally matched teams against each other that have an interesting or important fixture upcoming.

FUT players can complete both SBCs if they wish if the cards are heavily upgraded from their base versions, or they can ‘bet’ on which team they think will win the fixture by completing their SBC in hope of a further upgrade.

Once the SBC expires and the game is played, the Showdown SBC cards receive upgrades based on the result of the fixture.

For the team that wins the fixture, the corresponding Showdown SBC card in-game will receive a +2 OVR Upgrade, further boosting the card to new heights, while the card from the team that lost will remain the same rating.

If the fixture results in a draw, then both cards will receive a +1 OVR Upgrade.

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