FIFA 23 TOTW 23 Live Updates: Cards, Release Date, Time & more

fifa 23 benzema

fifa 23 benzema

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It's that time of the week again! The latest instalment of the Team of the Week promo is here, with TOTW 23 delivering one of the best squads yet in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

With Europe's most prolific forwards netting more goals over the weekend plenty of big names star and the TOTW 23 squad also features the first Ones to Watch players in over 10 weeks.

Stay up to date with the latest Team of the Week 23 news in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team right here as we give you all the information from its release.

TOTW 23 Release Date & Time

Team of the Week 23 was released into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team on Wednesday, 5 April.

The new set of in-form cards was released at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST and, as ever, will be available in packs for precisely one week.

They will join the FUT Birthday Team 2 cards in packs for a few days only, before the Trophy Titans cards take over on Friday, 7 April.


As predicted, Team of the Week 23 has several world-renowned players included, with a deadly duo representing La Liga!

Its top scorers Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema have each gained their first Team of the Week inclusion of the FUT 23 season.

Lewandowski's brace and one assist against Elche earn him a place in the TOTW 23 squad with a 92 OVR in-form item - but he will need a maximum pace upgrade to become useable in-game.

fifa 23 totw 23
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BIG BOYS - There are three players rated above 92 OVR

A hattrick for French superstar Karim Benzema made him a shoo-in as Real Madrid thumped Real Valladolid 6-0, also earning a 92 OVR special card.

We thought that Jack Grealish would be the Manchester City player included after a top performance in the 4-1 win over Liverpool, but the team is instead headlined by Kevin De Bruyne, with an immense 94 OVR!

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Best Players

We're taking a look at the best players that you could pack from the Team of the Week 23 release.

Whilst the high-rated cards look nice, we all know that the best items are the ones with the highest transfer market value.

There are a few cards within the TOTW 23 squad which could have a high market value, with De Bruyne likely the best of the lot, with his 94 OVR item expected to fetch around 500,000 coins!

fifa 23 leao totw 23
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Another is Rafael Leao's 88 OVR in-form card, with the Portuguese forward's two goals in AC Milan's shock 4-0 win over Napoli seeing him claim a meta card that boasts 94 Pace, 90 Dribbling and 83 Shooting.

Leao's TOTW 23 item is even better than his 87-rated Serie A Player of the Month card which was priced at roughly 200,000 coins on the PlayStation and Xbox market.

Of course, both Lewandowski's and Benzema's cards will hold a high market value, if nothing else than for their 92 OVR ratings.

Dynamic Cards

With Ones to Watch cards active in the game, we have some live cards that can be affected by the Team of the Week 23 inclusions.

We have been waiting since TOTW 13 for a OTW player to be included in the squad and now two have come along at once!

Arsenal's Gabriel Jesus netted a brace against Leeds upon his return to Premier League action, helping the Gunners to a 4-1 victory on Saturday afternoon.

Due to the new TOTW upgrade system, Jesus' OTW card could be given a +2 to 88 OVR, taking his stats to 91 Dribbling, 89 Pace and 87 Shooting.

fifa 23 jesus totw 23 otw
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Lewandowski will also see his OTW item upgraded, increasing to a 94 OVR.

The most recent previous boosts to OTW players came via the latest Man of the Match card batch, which you can check out using our Ones to Watch Tracker.

Road to the Final cards won't be influenced by TOTW, but they are another set of live items in FUT 23, which you can monitor with our RTTF Tracker.

You can also keep an eye on the dynamic Fantasy FUT promo items by using our Fantasy FUT Tracker.

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