FIFA 23: NEW trailer details that reveal the next game will be the BEST one EVER

We have just got our first glimpse at FIFA 23 through the reveal trailer and it looks immense!

It has been built up as the biggest and best FIFA game ever and judging by the trailer, it will be.

Check out what we discovered from the reveal and why you should get very excited about the FIFA 23 release.

Watch it NOW

Before we get started, make sure you give the trailer a watch!

There are very few bits of actual gameplay involved, however, it does introduce us to the new HyperMotion 2 technology, women's teams and an improved matchday atmosphere.

Show Me Your Best Moves

Like with the FIFA 22 reveal trailer, it was clear that EA wanted to show off the latest advancements in their HyperMotion technology, with the second version introduced for FIFA 23.

As EA put it:

Advances to HyperMotion gameplay technology with twice as much match data capture unlock new features and brings over 6000 authentic animations taken from millions of frames of advanced match capture to FIFA 23.

This has once again been done by using motion capture in the Xsens suits in 11v11 match play, as well as during training drills, to make sure players move in the most realistic way possible.

FIFA 23 HyperMotion 2 Haaland
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GO WITH THE FLOW - The advancements in HyperMotion will give us the most realistic movements yet

Not just that, but the machine learning on next-gen consoles will mean new animations will be written in real-time, creating a variety of natural motions on the pitch.

The match capture technology has also been used on a 11v11 women's game, meaning we should see differing movements depending on who you are controlling in-game.

It is very important that this has happened, as we will highlight in our next point...

Welcoming the Women

We already knew that the women's game would be expanding in FIFA 23 with the inclusion of a Women's World Cup mode, but it is going to be even bigger than that!

As hinted at when Sam Kerr featured as a cover star in her Chelsea shirt, women's club teams will be included for the first time in FIFA history.

FIFA 23 Man City Women
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ABOUT TIME - Take to the pitch with women's club teams for the first time ever!

The Barclays FA Women’s Super League (England) and Division 1 Arkema (France) will now be playable in-game, with EA teasing that these will come "at launch", hinting that more leagues or competitions may join in the future.

Women's national teams have been in FIFA for a few years now, so it has been a long wait to see this expanded upon.

It is a big step forward for the title in advancing representation within the game, and we hope this continues, with the possibility that Career Mode and Ultimate Team could also feature female players.

World Cup Tease

It isn't new information, and it was barely touched upon, but we can't write this article without mentioning the World Cup.

The only part of the reveal trailer that included it was a brief glimpse of the men's trophy transforming into the women's one, as commentator Derek Rae says, "What were you thinking, only one World Cup?"

We knew the two extra game modes were coming, yet it's still exciting to see it confirmed in the trailer.

Expect to see a totally separate FIFA 23 World Cup Mode trailer in the coming weeks to really show off what EA has in store for us!

Immersive Experience

Perhaps our biggest takeaway from the reveal trailer is that EA looks to be really hyping up the matchday experience.

Of course, one of the main purposes of the trailer is to create excitement for FIFA fans ahead of the new game, and it looks like they are planning to make game days a special occasion this year.

After the slight intro showing off Kylian Mbappe and other high-profile players, we get dropped into the crowds for some pre-match build-up action, immersing us in the supporters and showing off the atmosphere as we travel into the stadium.

FIFA 23 Matchday Atmosphere
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AMONGST THE CROWDS - Matchday atmosphere will be taken to a new level

EA has clearly addressed the issue of a lacklustre pre-match, saying:

High-energy in and out of stadium scenes combine with new audio to build the energy and anticipation ahead of the biggest games, lifting the match atmosphere and drama of title clashes, six pointers, cup finals, and more.

Feeling more of a connection to the matches will really improve the game, and hopefully, the new cut-scenes will really get us pumped up before we get onto the pitch!

Set Piece Specialist

One of the very few bits of gameplay revealed in the trailer was a clip of the redesigned free kicks.

It looks like you will now choose the spin you want to put on the ball before you start your run-up, with a short line showing the trajectory of where the shot will travel over the first few yards.

FIFA 23 Free Kick
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PRECISION PERFECT - The new free kicks may take some getting used to

The expected goal and distance to goal flags give the set-up a modern, technological feel, and we expect this to carry on throughout the gameplay, with Augmented Reality Replays giving added detail to your shots.

Although it is only free kicks that have been shown off so far, a new system is in place for penalties and corners too, so get ready to re-train and become a set piece specialist!

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