FIFA 23 HyperMotion: Upgraded system will give us the most REALISTIC gameplay yet

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FIFA 23 will be released soon, and we're already seeing plenty of news and rumours about the next game.

The latest information to be leaked about the upcoming title is that a change is coming to the HyperMotion Technology used.

Find out what that change is and how it will affect the FIFA 23 gameplay below.


What is HyperMotion?

HyperMotion was introduced to the next-gen versions of FIFA 22 and is a technology that captures players' movements and behaviours in-game.

EA used new Xsens suits to motion capture individual player movements in 11 vs 11 games, which they then used for animations in their title.

This led to more realistic player animations and also team positioning.

The eight main factors that HyperMotion brings in, according to EA, are:

  • Advanced 11v11 match capture
  • Machine learning
  • Full team authentic motion
  • Tactical A.I. in attack and defence
  • ML - Flow (machine learning)
  • Kinetic air battles
  • Composed ball control
  • Player humanisation

You can learn more about HyperMotion technology on EA's website right here.

Leaked Information

Regular leaker @DonkTrading revealed on Twitter that the HyperMotion technology would be changing slightly in FIFA 23, but in a way that could make a big difference.

Instead of using the Xsens suits to track movements, they would now be using stadium cameras.

This means that real footballers will have their movements captured during real-world matches, which will give even more realism to the animations.

It should also mimic the team positioning from individual sides, all whilst in a real match situation.


Upgrades Incoming

The changes in the HyperMotion capture should lead to several improvements seen in FIFA 23.

First, player movements will now reflect real-life professionals, which will add to the realism of the animations.

This could also give better and more lifelike player personalities on the field, whether that is in the type of runs certain players make, or seeing a centre-back organising the players around them.

FIFA 22 HyperMotion Alexander-Arnold
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PRECISION PERFECT - The updated technology could give us better player personalities

The whole structure of how your team attacks and defends could also change, with more varied runs and build-up play when you are on the ball.


A better defensive shape is likely to happen, with even more of an improvement brought in than what we witnessed in FIFA 22.

Hopefully, by capturing real-world matches, different teams will also have different playstyles in the game, mirroring their actual tactics.

We don't know if this is going to be brought in for all editions of FIFA 23, but, unfortunately, we expect it to only be available on the next-gen devices of PS5, Xbox X|S and Stadia, with PS4, Xbox One and PC owners missing out.