FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: All the BEST player builds to DOMINATE the meta

Picking your player build will be one of the first things you need to do when starting on FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

Although your Virtual Pro's looks are just cosmetic, their height and weight will have an impact on their attributes and therefore their performance in-game.

Below you can find the best player builds for every position in Pro Clubs, including height, weight, attributes, archetypes and perks, to help your side become number one!


One vital aspect of building a meta pro is making them as pacey as possible, giving you more time and space to work in, as this can often make up for lower technical stats.

Nowhere on the field is this more important than as an attacker, as getting in behind defences gives you the best chances of scoring.

There have been two dominant striker builds used in Pro Clubs recently; a small, nippy pro, and a tall, bulky target man.

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SPEED IS KING - Race past defenders to give yourself the best chance at scoring

We take you through each version in our Best Striker Builds guide.

As a striker, your partner in crime will often be a winger, someone who needs to keep up with your pace, whilst providing plenty of assists AND goals.

Whether you are constantly crossing balls in, or more of a tricky, flair player on the wing, we've got you covered with our guide.


There are a few areas you can specialise in if playing as a midfielder in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, and we have all the main ones covered.

As a silky central attacking midfielder, you'll need to keep a cool head and find killer passes with ease.

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RUN THE GAME - Control the centre of the pitch in various ways with out midfielder builds

Or you might be the engine room of the side, a box-to-box centre mid who has to have a bit of everything in their armoury.

Then there is our central defensive mid build, which utilises the wing-back base position to give you a super quick pro that can cover the ground with ease to intercept everything!


Although there are two main positions that being a defender covers (either a centre-back or a full-back), we've only created a CB build guide.

This is because the aforementioned CDM build can also be used as a standard full-back in Pro Clubs.

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PACE AND POWER - Cut out any danger that comes your way

Our dominant CB build can handle any attackers that come their way, whether they are pacey or strong, thanks to a very solid base given to the position.


Finally, if you like playing between the sticks, there is clearly one build that is head and shoulders above the rest - literally!

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SAFE HANDS - Give your net the best protection with our goalkeeper build

Tall and weighty, you can get some insane stats with our GK build, including outrageous reactions.

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