FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Best GK Build: Meta goalkeeper has INSANE reactions

It's a niche interest, but some of you will love playing as a goalkeeper in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

Mimicking real-world football, there can often be a lot of waiting around for the game to come to you, but when it does, you need to be ready!

The best build means getting the right height, weight, attributes, archetypes and perks, as we will show you below.

NOTE: These player builds are based on what worked in FIFA 22, and will be updated accordingly when FIFA 23 is released.

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King Keeper

  • Base Position: GK

If you're looking to make an overpowered goalkeeper build, luckily, it is very easy and you can get a top rating even without access to maximum skill points.


  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 227lbs - 253lbs

When it comes to goalkeepers in FIFA, the bigger the better, so maxing out on height and weight will give you the best overall rating.

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SUPER STOPPER - Gain top reactions and don't let any balls past you

If you pick a lower height and weight then your Diving and Reflexes will be slightly better, but that comes at the cost of much lower Handling, Kicking and Positioning stats, so we would advise against it.


This is the simplest build out there, just put everything into Goalkeeping stats straight away, and then once that is maxed out you can focus on other areas.

When the Goalkeeping stats are completed, go to the Physical tree and add to everything that improves Reactions (in FIFA 22 you were able to have 102 Reactions).

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GAME-BREAKING - With 102 Reactions you may as well be in the Matrix!

Then you can add to Pace, initially boosting Acceleration and eventually gaining the Cheetah archetype.

Any additional points you have spare can be added to Agility, Balance, Short Passing and Long Passing as you see fit.


The archetypes you are aiming to give this build are:

  • Wall
  • Hawk
  • Cheetah

The Wall and Hawk archetypes are the two goalkeeper-specific ones, so should obviously be worked towards first.

The Cheetah is an added bonus to make you quicker off the line and allow you to play a bit more as a sweeper keeper.


The best Perks to assign to your GK build are:

  • Fast Rush - GK speed is boosted when sprinting or rushing
  • GK Far Reach - Good at saving distance shots
  • GK One on One - GK abilities boosted in one vs one situations
  • Quick Reflex - GK reflexes and reactions are boosted when saving
  • Set Piece Expert - GK attributes boosted during set pieces for five seconds after the ball is in play, and grants the GK Long Throw and GK Flat Kick traits

We would recommend going for the trio of GK One on One, Quick Reflex and Set Piece Expert, however, it all depends on your playstyle.

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