FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Best Defender Build: Meta CB will DOMINATE the opposition

It's a tough job, but sometimes you just have to play as a centre-back in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

You need to stay constantly aware, track runners, keep your shape and make crunching challenges when needed, giving your side the protection it needs.

The best build means getting the right height, weight, attributes, archetypes and perks, as we will show you below.

NOTE: These player builds are based on what worked in FIFA 22, and will be updated accordingly when FIFA 23 is released.

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Dominant Defender

  • Base Position: CB

It's a relatively simple build to make an overpowered CB, with the base position giving solid attributes.

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PRIORITISE PACE - Speed has become such an important attribute for modern CBs

By maxing out the Defending and Pace attributes you're pretty much there, then it is about refining the player.

If you are interested in building a full-back, then check out our Best CDM build, which uses a RWB as a base position, so can double up there too.


  • Height: 6'4" - 6'7"
  • Weight: 99lbs - 119lbs

There is slightly more flexibility with the height of this build; you have better Sprint Speed but worse Strength the shorter you go, and the opposite the taller you choose.

It all comes down to what sort of players you face more often in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, and it can always be changed, but opting for the tallest build will come in handy when facing a giant striker.

There is very little difference between the two, so we would max out on height.

Although being light takes away some Strength, you will still outmuscle most players you come across, and it is important to keep your weight down so you can be quick.


Very simple, max out the Pace and Defending attributes as soon as you can, gaining the Cheetah and Guardian archetypes in the process.

You will also want to spend a few points in the Physical tree, initially improving your Strength, and then looking to boost your Jumping.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Defending Tree
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SUPER STOPPER - Make sure no attackers get past you with the Guardian archetype

Once you have used all your points in those areas, you should increase Agility and Balance, eventually resulting in the Lynx archetype.

This will make your Virtual Pro feel better to use in-game and also improve your ability in duels.


The archetypes you are aiming to give this build are:

  • Cheetah
  • Guardian
  • Lynx

The Cheetah and Guardian archetypes are your main aims and the quicker you gain them the better.

Follow this up with the Lynx and you are all set!


The best Perks to assign to your CDM build are:

  • Ball Winner - Boosted tackling ability when close to the dribbler
  • Chase Down - Increases your pace when defending immediately following a loss of possession. The perk will deactivate after 40 in-game seconds if you have not regained possession
  • Interceptor - Improves your ability to intercept & disrupt your opposition's passes & shots when defending and in close proximity to the ball
  • Last Defender - Increases your defending attributes when you are the last player back
  • Physical Strength - Boosted strength, ball control, and jumping when jostling, shielding, or heading the ball
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