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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Best CM Build: Box to box midfielder will DOMINATE the pitch

Being a central midfielder in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is definitely a role for a selfless player and is one of the key areas on the pitch.

You will be doing lots of unnoticed work, breaking down play and offloading the ball to more attacking players, who can then get the results for your side.

The best build means getting the right height, weight, attributes, archetypes and perks, as we will show you below.

NOTE: These player builds are based on what worked in FIFA 22, and will be updated accordingly when FIFA 23 is released.

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Mighty Midfielder

  • Base Position: CM

We are going for a true box-to-box midfielder with this build, a real jack of all trades.

FIFA 22 James Milner
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ALL-ROUNDER - Our pro will be able to do a job in all areas of the pitch

The build will lean more heavily towards defensive attributes, as these will be more important to boost in order to be combative in the centre of the park.

It is important to be able to get up and down the pitch for the full 90 minutes, make interceptions, battle with opponents, and progress play up the field.


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 198lbs

The CM build is probably the most flexible of all the positions, where you can really experiment with size and attributes to make a player that best suits you.

We've opted for this height and weight as it gives a bit more of a physical presence whilst still being fast and nimble.


Stamina is possibly the most important attribute to hit for a CM, as it is shocking how fast your fitness can drop when you're playing in the centre of the pitch.

Pace is also near the top of the list of improvements, as you need to be able to keep up with play and get up and down the field quick.

You don't need to select every Pace improvement, but you should still look to hit the Cheetah archetype, probably by filling out the Acceleration side of the tree.

Then we would look to improve the Defending attributes, again, not necessarily picking every increase, but still gaining the Guardian archetype.

Next up we'd look to add a few points to Dribbling stats, improving Agility and Balance slightly so the Virtual Pro feels better to control in-game.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Physical Tree
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MARATHON MAN - Getting as much stamina as possible is vital for playing in the centre

Finally, and maybe surprisingly, we would improve Passing.

The base of this build already has decent enough stats here, and that is why we have left it until last.

Also, the majority of play you do will be fairly simple short passes, so there is no need to spend loads of early points here.

Although this build won't be given the best rating, it equips you to handle most situations in midfield.

Feel free to go your own way with where to improve and at what time with this position, as it can totally depend on what sort of player you are and how your team needs you to operate.


The archetypes you are aiming to give this build are:

  • Cheetah
  • Guardian
  • Architect
  • Lynx

The Cheetah and Guardian archetypes are your main aims, and then anything else you can manage will be the cherry on top.


The best Perks to assign to your CM build are:

  • Active First Touch - Better ball control, acceleration and sprint speed
  • Chase Down - Increases your pace when defending immediately following a loss of possession. The perk will deactivate after 40 in-game seconds if you have not regained possession
  • Distance Shooter - Does what it says on the tin, also grants Finesse Shot, Outside Foot Shot and 5* Weak Foot
  • Interceptor - Improves your ability to intercept & disrupt your opposition's passes & shots when defending and in close proximity to the ball
  • Light Passes - Increases your teammates’ ability to trap and control your passes
  • Precision Pass - Improves shot and long pass accuracy and speed, and grants Swerve, Flair and 5* Weak Foot
  • Physical Strength - Boosted strength, ball control, and jumping when jostling, shielding, or heading the ball
  • Skilled Dribbler - Increases dribbling and skill moves, and gives Flair trait
  • Threaded Pass - Gives better through pass and lofted through pass accuracy, and grants Swerve, Flair and 5* Weak Foot
  • Tireless Runner - Grants Second Wind and Solid Player traits

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