FIFA 23 Marvel FUT Heroes: ALL NEW Heroes CONFIRMED

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FIFA 23 is getting closer every day, with the reveal trailer unveiling some new innovations coming to the game.

We already know that additional FUT Heroes are coming to the game, with upgraded versions called FIFA World Cup FUT Heroes being released for the whole batch.

However, in an unexpected collaboration, Marvel is partnering with EA in Ultimate Team, so check out all the latest details for that below.

LATEST - ALL Cards Revealed

EA Sports have taken to Twitter to reveal the full slate of Heroes arriving in FIFA 23.

From Premier League legends to US National Team Heroes, FIFA 23 has offered a broad and varied slate of fantastic stars from the past.

Fans can get their hands on a World Cup Hero before anyone else this year, with the special cards being offered as part of the Ultimate Edition Pre-Order bonuses.

The New Heroes are:

  • Rudi Voller
  • Hidetoshi Nakata
  • Jay-Jay Okocha
  • Joan Capdevila
  • Wlodzimierz Smolarek
  • Saeed Al-Owairan
  • Yaya Toure
  • Park Ji-Sung
  • Ricardo Carvalho
  • Claudio Marchisio
  • Landon Donovan
  • Diego Forlan
  • Lucio
  • Rafael Marquez
  • Javier Mascherano
  • Peter Crouch
  • Tomas Brolin
  • Harry Kewell
  • Sidney Govou
  • Jean Pierre-Papin
  • Dirk Kuyt

Check out all the exclusive Marvel-inspired FUT Heroes cover art below:

Marvel Partnership CONFIRMED

They had already leaked the news, but now EA has confirmed a partnership with Marvel is coming in FIFA 23.

As announced in their press release:

Blurring the lines of Comic Culture and Football Fandom with the legendary artists at Marvel, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Heroes will be illustrated, and inspired by Marvel Super Heroes to celebrate awe-inspiring moments of their careers

Every World Cup FUT Hero will gain a special illustrated item at the launch of the World Cup game mode, in celebration of "their larger-than-life cult hero status".

FIFA 23 World Cup FUT Hero
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HEROIC CONTRIBUTIONS - A small taste of the special World Cup FUT Hero artwork

It won't just be the card images getting the Marvel treatment, with tifos, kits, balls and other vanity items also included in the collaboration.

And it doesn't stop there! The statement from EA continues:

Fans will also be able to get their hands on a forthcoming online Marvel Heroes comic book alongside Marvel written bios, with limited physical quantities to be made available at a later date.

It seems strange to see EA announce this partnership and the details so early on, so could we see even more surprises from the Marvel collaboration later down the line? We can't wait to find out!

EA Jumps the Gun

Usually, leakers have to put in a bit of work to uncover details not intended for public knowledge.

This time, though, EA shot itself in the foot by releasing an image early that revealed a new partnership we didn't see coming.

Accompanying a graphic for the new FUT Heroes cards, the Marvel logo sat proudly next to FIFA 23.

Marvel FUT Heroes Thumbnail Search
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LEAKY SHIP - This collaboration was not supposed to be made public so soon

That's right, superheroes will be swooping into FUT 23!

The image was quickly taken down from the website, but not before it did the rounds on socials.

Potential Predictions

So, now we know that a collaboration is coming, how could we see the Marvel Universe implemented into Ultimate Team?


We thought this would be the most likely outcome and EA has already confirmed it.

New consumables such as kits, TIFOs and balls relating to Marvel heroes will be one of the results of this partnership.

Like when we saw a FIFA 22 x Apex Legends crossover, item customisation was as far as it went.

However, could more be in the works this time round?

Superhero Players

Now, here is the one that has FUT users equally excited and apprehensive, and that is introducing Marvel superheroes as cards within the game.

Spiderman in goal using his web-slingers to stop shots going for the top corners; Hulk as a dominant centre-back bullying everyone off the ball; Doctor Strange conjuring impossible passes from midfield; Thor summoning lightning to strike an unstoppable shot into the back of the net!

Marvel Fortnite
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GETTING IN ON THE ACTION - We've already seen Marvel characters included in Fortnite, could FIFA be next?

Sure, it sounds like it could be a bit of fun, however, bringing superheroes and powers into Ultimate Team would be far too overpowered and also completely take away any realism from the mode.

Even if it wasn't taken that far, and maybe we just saw Marvel heroes as regular players but with highly boosted stats, it would get a bit silly.

Footballer Fans

A FUT Heroes promo could be part of the deal, and we've got an idea for how that could work sensibly within the game.

Some promos are themed around real-world events, such as the FUT Captains player pool consisting of former and current team captains.

Well, how about a promo player pool being selected from current players who are Marvel fans?

We see all sorts of goal celebrations these days, including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang donning a Black Panther mask.

Manchester City's new boy Julian Alvarez is nicknamed 'The Spider' and has been seen on the pitch with a Spiderman mask on.

Then there is a select group of players - including Dele Alli and James Maddison - who have flashed an 'A' symbol with their hands, in reference to their WhatsApp group being named 'The Avengers'.

There could be enough players out there who have pledged their allegiance to the Marvel flag and may gain a boosted card due to that.

FUT Heroes

FUT Heroes were new items in FIFA 22 that represent the unforgettable moments that turned the individual players into fan favourites.

The FIFA community view FUT Heroes as one level below an ICON in Ultimate Team.

FUT Heroes have league-specific chemistry which is tied to their specific hero moment, providing a green Club link to any player within the same league, as well as the usual nation link.

Throughout the FUT 22 season, we saw the FUT Heroes gain upgrades in the FUT Captains and Shapeshifters promos, to keep them in line with the increased power curve of the game.

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