FIFA 22: Ultimate Team x Apex crossover arriving TODAY

Some crossovers are expected, and some even make sense, but we can't get our heads around how Apex and FIFA 22 are going to intertwine.

The latest loading screen from EA in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team suggests that an Apex crossover is set to land in the game, but what could it mean?

While a new game mode is extremely unlikely, we sure would love to see some form of Battle Royale in FIFA!

Latest - Legends Collection available now

The official Apex Legends Twitter account has just revealed that special Apex themed content is available in FIFA 22.

You can now customise your FIFA 22 Stadium with the following items:

  • Olympus XL TIFO
  • Phase Runner VIP Area
  • Wraith, Gibraltar, and Octane Legends Kits

Head into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team now and unlock the Apex x FIFA collection right now!

Apex Legends

It has been confirmed by EA that some sort of crossover between FIFA and Apex is arriving in Ultimate Team. This is something we know 100%.

The chances of a PvP Battle Royale game mode are less than slim, so we are expecting a new set of cosmetics to arrive in the FUT store.

This is echoed by renowned FIFA leaker FUT Sheriff, so expect to see Tifos, Kits, Badges, and the rest alongside the FUT Birthday release this evening.

A FIFA x Apex crossover could produce some pretty epic cosmetics, so we are excited to see what EA produces.

What's next?

With Apex Legends and FIFA joining forces to create some cosmetics in Ultimate Team, what other franchises could be added?

EA is likely to keep it in-house, so other sports titles like NHL, Madden, UFC, and PGA Tour could all feature in the coming months.

Non-sports titles could also be included, such as The Sims or even Star Wars Battlefront.

While cosmetic items mean very little in the grand scheme of things, it's always nice to have something represent your club that you are proud of.

FUT Birthday

EA's loading screen has confirmed FUT Birthday will come on Friday, 4 March at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

We would usually expect FUT Birthday to arrive slightly later in the month, so EA may have something big planned to follow up with.

FUT Birthday is a returning promo that celebrates the anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team, with this being the 13th edition of the game mode.

fifa 21 fut birthday team 2
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THROWBACK - FUT Birthday always produces quality items

Each year the event sees fan favourite players given enormous boosts, with cards released into packs, new SBCs, and objectives.

The cards released usually have boosts to skill moves and weak foot as well as the regular attributes, so it offers plenty of new and exciting options.

The event usually runs for two weeks, so expect to see a Team 1 and Team 2 release on each Friday of the promo.

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