FIFA 23: FUTTIES Team 7 'Best Of' Card Predictions & more!



FIFA 23 FUTTIES promo is in full force with many fans thinking it would stop at FUTTIES Team 6, however with the latest FUTTIES card out in the new week being Martin Odegaard - this suggests that FUTTIES is not over.

Will there be a Team 7? At the moment all things are leading up to another week of FUTTIES and Cover Star Icon cards!

This article will take you though the latest FUTTIES news and predictions on who could make Team 7!

Is there a FUTTIES Team 7?

There are many rumours circulating around FIFA 23 FUTTIES at the moment with many people assuming that FUTTIES promo is now over after Team 6, but will this be the case.

Of course we will not know the answer to this until EA Sports confirm it themselves however, we can predict a few things...

EA Releasing a FUTTIES Martin Odegaard card out this Monday would suggest that FUTTIES has not finished at Team 6 and there will be more cards being released after Team 6.

This leads us onto speculate that there could be a FUTTIES Team 7 this Friday. FUTTIES Team 7 was not on the cards however with FIFA 23 being the end of the FIFA franchise, EA Sports may look to end their final promo with a bang. This does come at a cost of course with many cards being released, the transfer market crash has been one of the biggest that we have seen in recent FIFA's with some cards dropping around 1 million coins in the past 4-5 weeks.

Team 7 predictions

FUTTIES Team 7 could consist of all new players to join the FUTTIES promo like the previous 6 squads. However, there is the possibility of Team 7 being a 'best of' squad including the best FUTTIES players that have been involved in this promo to be re-released back into the game.

This would include the likes of:

Lionel Messi (99 OVR)

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Cristiano Ronaldo (99 OVR)

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Kylian Mbappe (99 OVR)

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Neymar (99 OVR)

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More predictions that could be included in the re-release of the best FUTTIES cards in FIFA 23:

  • Erling Haaland (99 OVR)
  • Robert Lewandowski (99 OVR)
  • Gianluigi Donnarumma (99 OVR)
  • Karim Benzema (99 OVR)
  • Vinicius Junior (98 OVR)
  • Alisson (98 OVR)
  • Marcus Rashford (98 OVR)

FIFA 23 market crash

This would of course crash the market even more, however, it would be enjoyable for players to get one final chance at packing these 99 and 98 rated cards in Ultimate Team to add to their card collection.

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