FIFA 23: Transfer market crash

FIFA 23: Transfer market crash

FIFA 23: Transfer market crash

For what seems to be the first time in a while, the community seems fully invested in the game a month before the new release.

Previous titles have sometimes petered out, with players moving on to another game after indulging themselves in the FIFA hype, however, the final edition of the FIFA franchise seems different this year!

With EA Sports FC 24 just a month away, the Ultimate Team transfer market has finally crashed, seeing million-coin cards, dropping to 50k in the space of a month.

Transfer market crash EXPLAINED

Logging onto FIFA now, you can get your hands on some of the best cards in the game for a ridiculously cheap price!

This allows you to explore making new teams, and using new players before we inevitably go back to using gold rare cards upon the 29 September EA FC release date.

Newest SBCs FIFA 23
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Newest SBCs - Credit: Fut_scoreboard

Since the release of SBCs such as the 84x10, and 85x10s, FIFA players have been recycling SBCs like no tomorrow, packing incredible cards, and not losing out on any money. However, this is one of the main factors for the market crash.

Affected cards

Essentially, every card in the game has plummeted in price over the past month, however, this becomes more apparent when you look at some of the most expensive players in Ultimate Team.

Take Trophy Titans Lucio for example, released in April, the Brazilian centre back had a high value, starting at three million coins, but it has slowly decreased, to the point where he was one million coins in July.

However, over the past month, Lucio has gone from one million coins to just over 50k!

That’s a 950k decrease in just a month, making him available for virtually every FIFA gamer.

Another fantastic example of this is Pele’s 99-rated Shapeshifters Icon card. Eight million just a month ago, though still expensive he is now two million coins and continuing to plummet.

Pele FIFA 23 Cheap
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Pele FIFA 23

What does this mean for Ultimate Team?

Although the transfer market is officially on its knees, FIFA players seem to be having more fun than ever, packing crazy good cards and being able to use them before the EA FC 24 release.

Every player's team is looking like a FUT Draft at the moment, which makes for great fun towards the end of what’s been a quite exciting final edition of the FIFA franchise!

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