FIFA 23 Carvalho FUTTIES Hero SBC Cheapest Solutions

FIFA 23 Carvalho FUTTIES Hero SBC Cheapest Solutions

FIFA 23 Carvalho FUTTIES Hero SBC Cheapest Solutions

FIFA 23 end game is here but with all of these amazing cards, the hype is still here! With FUTTIES and Cover Star Icons promo fully underway, EA Sports are finishing the FIFA franchise with a bang!

SBCs are continuing to be released almost daily for FUTTIES, giving fans some of the best cards we have ever seen wrapped in the iconic pink from FUTTIES and FUTTIES Premium.

The most recent addition to the game is FUTTIES Hero Carvalho, a formidable 96-rated CB who has become part of the FUTTIES promotion. Carvalho's attributes suggest he may well claim the title of the game's ultimate defender! So, without delay, let's explore the most straightforward and cost-effective method for completing this SBC.

Carvalho (96 OVR)

FUTTIES Carvalho joins the promo adding onto our amazing list of FUTTIES Hero cards entering FIFA 23. Joining FUTTIES as a 96-rated CB with a whopping 99 defending and 93 pace - this card is insane!

He will cost around 540k coins to complete his SBC - if you have the coins to complete him then you will potentially have the best defender in the game. He is 6 foot tall, thus he isn't the tallest defender however he is still tall enough for it not to be a worry!

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Start Date: Saturday, 31 August.

Expiry Date: Saturday, 14 September.

SBC Requirements

You will need to submit seven squads to unlock the FUTTIES Hero Carvalho card, with the requirements as follows:

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Team Rating: Min. 88

Players from Portugal: Min. 1

Team of the Week or Team of the Season players: Min. 1

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Real Madrid

Team Rating: Min. 89

Players from Real Madrid: Min. 1

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Premier League

Team Rating: Min. 90

Players from Premier League: Min. 1

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La Liga

Team Rating: Min. 90

Players from LaLiga Santander: Min. 1

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90-Rated Squad

Team Rating: Min. 90

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91-Rated Squad

Team Rating: Min. 91

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92-Rated Squad

Team Rating: Min. 92

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And that is it! 7 SBC squads to complete in order to obtain this amazing card!

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