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Everything we know about the FIFA 22 Trailer

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As the domestic seasons in Europe have now run their course - attention has turned to the Euros this summer, but also to next season and FIFA 22.


This will be the first fully-optimised version of the game for Next-Gen consoles, the expectation is understandably high.

The FIFA 22 trailer is likely to be the first look we get at the upcoming game, but when will that arrive and what will it contain?

Latest news - Gameplay necessities

Ahead of the new game, we have taken it upon ourselves to analyse the areas of gameplay that need adjusting.

This season's game has been heavily reliant on pace, making the useable player pool extremely small.

We would like more balance next season, suitable for a variety of styles rather than just the standard meta we see every game in FUT 21.

Take a look at where we think FIFA 22 gameplay can improve on FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Trailers

The first reveal for FIFA 21 came during EA Play Live on 19 July 2020, alongside Madden 21:

The FIFA 21 official reveal trailer arrived on 23 July 2020:


That was followed by the gameplay trailer on 4 August 2020:

We then got a look at Ultimate Team, including new Icons on 10 August 2020:

Career Mode info was next up on 13 August 2020:

FIFA 22 Trailer Release Date


So, after all that - when could we see FIFA 22's reveal trailer?

Well, the first look is likely to be at EA Play Live 2021 - which is confirmed for Thursday, 22 July 2021.

Given this is pretty much the exact time we saw the first look at FIFA 21 last year - get ready for reveals from your favourite EA titles once again.

What could we see?

In that first reveal trailer, we expect EA to go big on Next Gen consoles once again - as the gaming community slowly manages to secure PlayStation 5s and Xbox Series X|Ss.

There were only a few upgrades for FIFA 21 on Next Gen, including an update to hair graphics and players getting off the team bus - so we want to see a real Next Gen worth upgrade this time around.

Cover Star

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OUT IN FRONT - Erling Haaland is the hot favourite to be FIFA 22's Cover Star

We also saw last year Kylian Mbappe feature prominently - which led to him becoming the FIFA 21 Cover Star - and Eric Cantona narrating - who would be a confirmed Icon on the game - so watch out for the players that star this year.


A confirmed Release Date

A release date may be a touch ambitious, but it remains to be seen if FIFA returns to a September release after arriving in October last year.

New Features

They may not explain the new features, but expect there to be some Easter eggs of what's to come.

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THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM - The community will hope EA can crack Volta at last this year

Last year saw we saw a couple of Volta teases, including fresh new garms, as well as manually controlled off the ball runs, "jumping in" in Career Mode, new celebrations and FUT Co-op.


Online Career Mode

It looks like we could have our first new feature revealed ahead of FIFA 22 after a job description on EA's site mentions an 'online Career Mode'.

The classic game mode has needed a revamp for some time now to try and keep up with the popularity of Ultimate Team, and this could be it.

Take a look at what could come in a potential FIFA 22 Online Career Mode.

Will this be confirmed when the first trailer does arrive?

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