RealOpinions: FIFA 21 Career Mode needs to have these updates – Transfer breakdowns, task delegation & more

These improvements need to be added next year, especially with next-gen consoles on the way.

It may seem early to start thinking about what we want in FIFA 21, but having played a lot of FIFA 20 Career Mode, there are several additions EA need to add if they want to improve the realism of the game mode.

I’ve throughly enjoyed FIFA 20’s Career Mode additions of a customisable manager, improved player conversations and team morale – it really was the refresh that Career Mode needed.

However, EA can’t afford to sit still on next year’s game. FIFA 20 was a step in the right direction, but FIFA 21 is where the footballing title could really push on to create a phenomenal game mode.

There are five key changes that I think would massively improve the Career Mode experience, improving player immersion and increasing the popularity of the game mode.

In-Depth Transfer and Loan Deals

Career Mode’s transfer system is much in need of an update – the current system merely allows you to sign players through offering a fee or player exchange, or loan a player by paying part of their wage.

This is far from the reality of the transfer market. Primarily, the ability to include add-ons in transfer deals would add another layer of immersion.

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For example, rather than paying a flat fee, you could break down a deal in to instalments, and include extra payments if and when the player has made a certain number of appearances.

In terms of loans, being able to add an obligation-to-buy is an omission that I can’t believe EA haven’t rectified yet. It’s a must-have in next year’s game.

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There did used to be an option-to-buy in previous games, but this was removed – it would be great to see this feature re-added also.

Active Youth Academy

Signing and developing new talent is crucial for long-term Career Mode success, especially if you’re managing a smaller team. However, under the current system, you are required to essentially micro-manage your youth academy if you want to help players reach their potentials.

MICRO-MANAGE: Currently you have to manually train any young prospects

A revamped youth academy system could consist of delegating the training of the youth squad to a youth manager. Moreover, your youth squad could play in a simulated youth league, further aiding their overall growth.

Loan Reports

I can’t be the only player who has made a new signing, unaware that I had a player of similar position and calibre returning in the January transfer window.

A specific ‘Loan Report’ section would be a welcome addition to Career Mode. It could break down your players out on loan, players you’ve signed on loan and their loan expiration dates.

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In addition, this ‘Loan Report’ could give you options to extend loans or negotiate permanent moves for any loan players.

Improved communication with the Board

Board objectives are sometimes unattainable or unbalanced. For example, there is no scope to inform the board that you’d rather focus on Premier League success, but you’ll be sacrificing your FA Cup run to save player fitness.

ONE WAY STREET: Currently the board share their demands, but you can’t respond

Also, transfer funds requests could be more in-depth, allowing you to promise certain achievements if the board were to allow you to sign a certain player.

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Evidently, there are so many features that could improve board communications. FIFA 21 doesn’t need to go after all aspects of it, but a step towards better communications with the board would be very helpful.

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