FIFA 20: TOTW Moments 4 Predictions - De Bruyne, Di Maria, Isco & more

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It's our fourth week without football and so it's also our fourth week of TOTW Moments, EA's new FIFA 20 promo.

TOTW Moments is the replacement for Team of the Week (TOTW) on Ultimate Team, with EA choosing a TOTW squad from a previous FIFA title and reviving it in FIFA 20.

After TOTW 29 from FIFA 19 featured last week, keep reading to see which team we think will return this time around.

TOTW 31 from FIFA 17

With previous TOTW Moments squad coming from FIFA 18 and FIFA 19, we think EA could throw it back further this week, with TOTW 31 from FIFA 17 returning to the game.

fifa 17 totw 31 totw moments 4
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GUESS WHO'S BACK: Could TOTW 31 from FIFA 17 return this week?

As you can see, plenty of the top talent from FIFA 17's TOTW 31 are still firing on all cylinders today.

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If this TOTW were to return there would be some seriously good cards in TOTW Moments 4 - keep reading to see what they might look like.

Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 91 - TM 96)

kevin de bruyne totw moments 4 fifa 20
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Kevin De Bruyne is in contention for the Premier League Player of the Season for his performances in the 2019/20 campaign.

The Belgian has already been awarded a TOTW Moments card in FIFA 20, so a second card would be rated at an astonishing 96 overall! Notably, it would also be the only RM De Bruyne card on the game.

Angel Di Maria (OVR 86 - TM 89)

di maria totw moments 4 fifa 20
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Angel Di Maria has been having a phenomenal season for PSG, providing seven goals and 14 assists across 26 league games. As a result, the Argentinian winger already has two In-Forms cards in FIFA 20.

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If he were to return as a TOTW Moments card, his overall rating would be boosted to 89, made up of strong pace and dribbling attributes.

Isco (OVR 86 - TM 88)

isco totw moments 4 fifa 20
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Isco's 2019/20 campaign for Los Blancos has been nothing special - as a result, the Spaniard is yet to receive an In-Form card on FIFA 20.

This promo offers the perfect opportunity to give Isco his first boosted card, with a TOTW Moments card likely coming in with an 88 overall rating and positioned as a centre mid.

Bernd Leno (OVR 84 - TM 87)

leno totw moments 4 fifa 20
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Bernd Leno has been Arsenal's saviour more than once this season - the club has had serious defensive issues over the course of the year, so the German shot-stopper has had to be on top form.

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A TOTW Moments card would give Leno a much-deserved boost to 87 overall, with some fantastic reflex and diving stats.

Vincent Kompany (OVR 83 - TM 86)

kompany totw moments 4 fifa 20
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Vincent Kompany is no longer captaining Machester City, but he's still fondly remembered by the reigning champions and their fans.

The Belgian has already received an In-Form this season for his new club, Anderlecht, so a TOTW Moments card will be rated at 86 overall - not bad for a 33 year old!

Be sure to bookmark this page as we will update it with the official TOTW Moments 4 squad as soon as it drops on Wednesday, 8 April.

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