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08 Apr 2020

FIFA 20: TOTW Moments 4 REVEALED - Lewandowski, Son, Ilicic & more

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TOTW Moments 4 Revealed

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TOTW Moments Explained

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TOTW Moments 5

With the world in lockdown and football on hold, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has been a great alternative for many of us sports fans.

EA introduced TOTW Moments to replace Team of the Week (TOTW) until normality is restored in the footballing world.

After last week saw the return of TOTW 29 from FIFA 19, this week TOTW 30 from FIFA 19 is the featured squad!

Keep reading to see which in-form cards are returning this time around.

TOTW Moments 4 Revealed

As mentioned this week's TOTW Moments is TOTW 30 from FIFA 19.

fifa 20 totw moments 4 revealed

THROWBACK: TOTW 30 from FIFA 19 is the returning in-form squad this week

This returning In-Form squad includes some incredible cards such as 94-rated Robert Lewandowski, 91-rated Heung-min Son and 90-rated Josip Ilicic.

fifa 20 totw moments 4 cards

TRIPLE THREAT: These three are going to cause havoc on Ultimate Team

Jamie Vardy also features in the new TOTW Moments squad, coming in with massive 87 overall ratings.

TOTW Moments Explained

All players that will be released will reflect their current teams, and their OVR increase will be in line with their FUT 20 upgrade path.

THROWBACK: A load of In-Form cards are returning to FIFA 20

For example, in FUT 18 TOTW 28 Kyle Walker was given an 86 OVR Item in line with his FUT 18 upgrade path.

For his TOTW Moments Item, Kyle Walker was given an 87 OVR Item based on his FUT 20 upgrade path.

TOTW Moments 5

TOTW Moments squads will remain as a permanent fixture until normality is restored (however long that will take), so expect a fifth squad to drop next week.