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FIFA 20 Patch: Ribery & Joao Felix finally have game face updates, along with 35 other Star Heads!

Over the past month, player game face updates has been a popular topic of discussion amongst FIFA 20 gamers, so it is unsurprising that EA patch, Title Update #5, includes 37 new Star Heads.

It all began when Joao Felix's in-game face was exposed to bear little resemblance to the Portuguese forward - even though he featured in EA’s FIFA 20 ratings commercial.

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WHO DAT GUY: Joao Felix before Title Update #5

As you can see from the picture above, Felix's game face was less than impressive and therefor it caused quite a stir on the FIFA sub-Reddit.

One gamer wrote: “He’s also in one of the commercials; the one where they’re determining the rating. Lol you think since he was in the commercial they’d at least give him a face scan.”

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Well FIFA fans will be happy to hear that according to a Reddit leak, Joao Felix will be part of the 37 updated Star Heads in Title Update #5.

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LOOKING MUCH MORE HIMSELF: Joao Felix's updated Star Head in FIFA 20

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Just a few weeks later, Franck Ribery, who at 36 has shown no signs of slowing down, tweeted to EA playfully, when he spotted his in-game self during a match. 

He wrote: “Played #FIFA20 with my kids not long ago… hey @EASPORTSFIFA… Who is this guy?”

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FUNNY FRANCK: Ribery takes to Twitter to confront EA

Unsurprisingly, his tweet made its way on to the FIFA sub-reddit.

To be fair, he has a point. The above avatar bears very little resemblance to the Frenchman.

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FRESH FRANCK: Franck Ribery's updated Star Head in FIFA 20

Well the Fiorentina winger will be happy to hear that he is included in the updated Star Heads, and is looking much more recognisable, as you can see above.

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Shortly after Title Update #5 dropped, a Reddit leak revealed 36 out of the 37 new Star Heads that were announced as part of the latest update.

Who the 37th man will be is currently a mystery, but check out the full list of 36 leaked Star Heads below.

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  • D. van de Beek (OVR 81)
  • D. Tadic (OVR 84)
  • N. Lang (OVR 68)
  • A. Onana (OVR 83)
  • H. Ziyech (OVR 85)
  • Q. Promes (OVR 82)
  • D. Blind (OVR 82)
  • S. Dest (OVR 70)
  • N. Mazraoui (OVR 77)
  • B. Varela (OVR 74)
  • R. Gravenberch (OVR 67)
  • J. Ekkelenkamp (OVR 66)


  • N. Zaniolo (OVR 74)
  • E. Dzeko (OVR 84)
  • J. Kluivert (OVR 75)
  • C. Under (OVR 78)
  • A. Florenz (OVR 81)
  • D. Perotti (OVR 80)
  • J. Pastore (OVR 79)
  • L. Pellegrini (OVR 79)

AC Milan

  • K. Piatek (OVR 80)

Bayern Munich

  • B. Pavard (OVR 79)

Real Madrid

  • T. Courtois (OVR 88)
  • Vincius Jr. (OVR 79)
  • Marcelo (OVR 85)
  • F. Mendy (OVR 80)
  • Rodrygo (OVR 76)

Inter Milan

  • M. Skriniar (OVR 86)
  • L. Martinez (OVR 81)


  • I. Hagi (OVR 74)

OGC Nice

  • K. Dolberg (OVR 76)


  • T. Ndombele (OVR 81)


  • H. Aouar (OVR 81)


  • L. Schone (OVR 77)

Atletico Madrid

  • J. Felix (OVR 80)


  • F. Ribery (OVR 82)

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