FIFA 20 Reddit: Fans are begging EA to give Joao Felix a face scan

He may be one of the most exciting attacking prospects in football, but there's a small gripe when it comes to João Félix on FIFA 20.

That's because the Portuguese doesn't look much like his in-game self - even though he featured in EA's FIFA 20 ratings commercial.

The forward, who's 19 and currently tearing it up for Atlético Madrid, bears little resemblance to his FIFA 20 representation - and it's causing quite a stir on the FIFA sub-Reddit.

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João Félix in FIFA 20

One gamer wrote: "He's also in one of the commercials; the one where they're determining the rating. Lol you think since he was in the commercial they'd at least give him a face scan."

Harsh words indeed

The good news though is that EA always takes face scans and updates very seriously, so it's really only a matter of time before Felix gets the face he deserves. And trust us, it'll be worth the wait.

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Back in FIFA 18, it took less than a month for EA to give the likes of Neymar, David Silva and Raheem Sterling a makeover - after fans voiced their concerns regarding their in-game appearances.

Neymar now boasts the haircut he sports in real life
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On FIFA 18, Neymar's face was updated to include details such as lines in his hair

To give you an idea of the detail we can expect, Neymar boasted lines in the side of his hair, while Silva – who had shaved his hair at the start of the season, lost his in-game mop.

Let's hope this is addressed sooner rather than later.

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