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15 Oct 2019

FIFA 20 Reddit: First Owner Objectives are a brilliant initiative

Last week, we reported that EA had released First Owner Objectives on Ultimate Team, as per their latest Pitch Notes.

Well, the new objectives have been received positively on the most part, with gamers already taking to Reddit to share their delight.

A satisfied FIFA customer shared their joy on the FIFA sub-Reddit, posting that they've "faced more varied teams in the past two days than [they] have in the past two years of playing FIFA!".

They go on to say that "being forced to use different players means fewer opponents know how to truly make their team 'click', so there is also a broad range of gameplay styles".

Varied teams and play styles aren't the only advantage of First Owner Objectives, as the original poster also states that "it also makes us think about whether we want to immediately sell high-value first owner cards, or hold on to them. [...] Usually they'd be straight into the market."

Check if your player has first First Owner status by navigating to their player bio (press R3/Right Stick while the player is selected) and looking for the “First Owner” label.

Other FIFA players were quick to agree with the original post, with one user responding that they are "enjoying it much more than I first thought".

The only main critique is that FIFA need to sort out better matchmaking for players who are attempting to complete objectives; one users reply summarises the general consensus that "matchmaking [them] to similar rated teams would be nice" as it's difficult to compete against opponents whose sole focus is the strongest team possible.

Overall, it seems that EA are achieving what they'd hoped with First Owner Objectives, as it has led to more varied teams, imperfect playing styles and an added strategic element to the FUT market. You can check out the full Reddit post here.

Moreover, the advantages of First Owner Objectives don't end with the direct impact to FUT gameplay, as players can also use them to earn ICON cards.

How First Owner Objectives will help you earn ICON cards

EA have stated that they plan to use First Owner Objectives throughout FUT 20, including for select ICON Swaps Objectives.

ICON Swaps have been introduced in FUT 20. They are a new way to allow players to unlock select ICONs in exchange for Player Tokens which can be earned by completing objectives you exchange.

So, put simply:

  1. Complete First Owner Objectives to earn Player Tokens.
  2. Receive Player Tokens.
  3. Redeem for ICON Rewards available in a Swaps release.