FIFA 20 Corners: How to score with the new mechanics

With heading being nerfed, we cover all the best ways to score from a corner in EA’s FIFA 20.

Phil Pangalos by Phil Pangalos

When the chips are down, set pieces can prove to be the difference.

It is crucial that you master your dead ball scenarios and, in particular, your corner technique.

In this article, we teach you everything you need to know about scoring from a corner, which could be the difference between winning and losing.

These tips and tricks are relevant across all consoles, including PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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The Steps

EA have depowered headers after they were arguably too easy to score in FIFA 19. As a result, corners are a little trickier than last year, but if you nail the right technique you’ll be smashing those headers in again in no time.

1. Once you’ve won a corner, you’re best to cross the ball in with an in-swinger. This means if you’re crossing from the left of the goal use a right footed player and if you’re crossing from the right of the goal use a left footed player.

2. You should use a player with at least 75 rated crossing and free kick accuracy for delivery; a high rated curve attribute may also help.

3. You’ll then need to aim at your chosen area of the pitch, before powering up your cross with two to three bars (we’ll go in to more details on where to aim later).

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4. For the best chance of winning a header, use a player with high rated jumping, strength and heading accuracy. If they are tall and possess the power header trait, they’ll have an even better chance of scoring.

5. Now the ball is flying towards your target man keep holding down the shoot button (O/B) until it reaches them. Just before the ball reaches their head, press R1/RB and L1/LB simultaneously to direct the header downwards, ensuring you don’t blast the ball over the bar. 

You can also time your shot (O/B + O/B timed) if you want give your header an extra edge.

6. Celebrate another successful corner goal.

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Best Tactics

Below are the three best tactics to use when attempting to score from a corner.

Tactic 1: Run Near Post

Near post run was the most effective corner tactic on FIFA 19, and it is extremely useful once again in EA’s latest instalment of the game. 

Push down twice on the D-pad to select the run near post corner tactic, then whip the ball in to the near post with two to three bars of power and in to the attacking line of your runner.


Tactic 2: Get it to the big man

Gamers recently took to a Reddit post to share their opinions on scoring corners. According to users, “the key is your receiver” in FIFA 20. Therefore, an effective tactic is aiming down the middle of the area, with some players even “aiming for the penalty spot”.

You’ll need to use three to four bars of power for this technique to ensure the cross reaches you intended target.

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This tactic is effective if you have a strong, tall, commanding player who can win headers amongst a crowded penalty area. Be sure to use the downward heading control (L1/LB + R1/RB) for the best results.

Tactic 3: Passing to receiver

With heading becoming more difficult to score in FIFA 20, a viable tactic is to pass it out to a second receiver before finding a man on the edge of the box for a long shot. For a extensive guide on how to score longshots, head here.

As you can see in the GIF below, there is plenty of space around the edge of the box from a corner, giving you ample opportunity to shoot.

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