FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Ruud Gullit’s FUT card costs more than a Chelsea season ticket!

Another year of FIFA means another year of Ultimate Team and therefore millions of coins are going to be exchanged on FIFA’s online game mode over the coming months.

Ultimate Team players from all over the globe will be battling it out to reach the top divisions and will consequently be investing heavily in their match day squad.

With so much money going in to Ultimate Team, it would be intriguing to learn just how much your hard-earned cash equates to in FIFA coins, and how much a top team costs to buy in real money terms.

Luckily for us, Bookmakers bwin have done the maths.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of coins to cash is 79p to every 5000 coins/100 FIFA points. This means that 16p equates to £1000 in-game coins. It’s off this basis that you can begin to price up the cost of specific teams.

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The Most Expensive Teams on Ultimate Team

Below you can find the most expensive teams available from specific leagues and, of course, a FIFA 20 Icons team.

Legends XI

You’ll have to fork out 31.7 million coins for the best Legends team, which equates to a mind-boggling £4,499! Ruud Gullit and Ronaldo rank as the most expensive cards with a combined price of a whopping £2,196. 

You may have to sacrifice the roof you live under, but you’d have the flashiest team in FIFA…

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Premier League XI

The Premier League’s most expensive 11 is currently priced at £500, with Virgil Van Dijk setting you back almost £80 alone.

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It’s worth noting that as more player cards are released, player prices will reduce over time. This Premier League side will drop to £368 in January and then to £248 by March. So, if you’re not made of money, you might want to wait a little while before investing in your Ultimate Team.


La Liga XI

An Ultimate Team made up of the most expensive La Liga players would cost you £415 to make. As expected, Lionel Messi is the most expensive team member at £146.78 in real money. If you wait to build your La Liga side until January, you will save yourself £29, with the team price estimated to drop to £386.

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Serie A XI

The most expensive team from the Italian top division costs £371. However, almost £280 of this cost comes from the purchase of Ronaldo alone! If you were to substitute him for a cheaper forward (think Insigne, Higuain or Lukaku), then you’d be left with a more affordable team.

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Ligue 1 XI

The most expensive Ligue 1 Ultimate team will set you back £292. Similarly to the Serie A, this team would cost far less without the inclusion of the top players; the squad would cost just over £25 absent of Mbappe (£154.05) and Neymar (£113.60). By January, the most expensive Ligue 1 side will cost £186, and decrease further to £137 by March.

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Bundesliga XI

The Bundesliga most expensive 11, is the cheapest of the teams on this list, priced at £122. With strong attacking options, such as Lewandowski, Reus and Coutinho, a Bundesliga team is a fantastic option for anyone looking to spend less money on FIFA this year; especially when you consider this team is estimated to cost just £50 by January.

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Quick Fire Facts

90+ players cost more than double 89 rated players: Costing £71.31 per player, 90+ rated players are considerably more expensive than 89 rated players, which cost £32.62 on average.

Ruud Gullit cost more than a Chelsea season ticket – Costing £1,106, players could purchase an adult Chelsea season ticket in the West End of the stadium (£900).

Zidane cost more than a 5* spa hotel weekend in Paris – The Frenchman costs £877. For this price, you could afford a long spa weekend in Paris, and have some spending cash spare.

Van Dijk costs more than a Liverpool jersey with his name on the back – The defender costs £79.47, whilst a Liverpool jersey donning his name costs just £65.

All credit goes to bwin for the fantastic research and squad graphics. Check out their full report here.

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